Faith and Reason

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This is an interesting topic the Scholastics argued over and it is necessary for our age which has largely ignored and negated the question to a point that does not matter within the constant motion of everyday life when it is the most important and integral part to it.

The question is an important question because its a necessary component that defines every other age. A question that defines not only the future of an age or nation but the very grounds upon which a nation exist as such and has defined its future. It is important to give our reason some form of practicality in order to define the means towards faith.

This reason must not be the grounds of practicality upon which all practical understandings of faith come to grips with itself. It is necessary to know both are separate in their own being but not mutually exclusive from each other. For both need the other to participate in the unity that is faith and the separation from faith Reason gives us.

This given separation which is inspired and in principle a thing in itself a priori in faith. It is important to know faith is the intuitive measure in which the search for reason begins its very beginning point in which all beginnings come to know their creative ends.

It is a measure upon which all reason is measured and it should be the ultimate goal for reason to attain. For if not then Reason is blind and led by the blind forces of nature which seek to only find goodness in pleasure. Thus corrupting the very state of nature and distorting it for its own good. All faith is thus forgotten for faith is based more on conceptual forms then that which is abstracted in reason.

Reason teaches us the about certain concepts those particular things which give us a firmer understanding of those principles of faith. But these principles are nothing but dead concepts without first sufficient action to bring these principles into practice.

All else is dead without faith and without reason all that leads to faith is like a child gone blind without a parent to guide him towards the riches of the faith. For the faith offers in its very being those fruits reason can only cultivate or ingrain into a culture and it is thus necessary to set their states apart from each other just like Church and State.

If either co mingle on any given synthesis a priori of reason it must be known to be the very end of the Church and the State as distinctions and society will become either run by fundamental religious cooks or the State will become the Sole center of religion such as is the case in Communism. Reason only lays those grounds for faith and faith is the very Reason that Reason exist as something at all.

What we have is an impassed between faith and reason once we reach those divine levels of mysticism in which we encounter through meditation and prayer. The very lifting up our reason to a power beyond our own is the very intuitive force which guides our reason and determines its grounds in faith.

What else do we have to believe if if our belief is not guided by a faith that has insight that is intuition of a being of higher consciousness which created the World have we not lost the very concept of universality. And if so we have reduced everything to the grounds of reason to explain for us the very symmetrical force of the World as such. For it would be the end of us all if we sought this power to give the power to intuit those things which only are guiding forces of our reason in our reason.

Reason has lost its guide and like Daunte without Virgil what further depth does it have to explore itself other then to claim itself supreme. This is to say supreme over what to be swallowed up and collapsed as those things it participates generally come to an end with it as the focal point of destruction. Not only as a parasite but as that which allows all types of parasites to infect it and poison it to the point it no longer become rational but become defunct of it.

Must we look no further then the Modern World to realize that this has become a case though no different from other ages before it to see these problems. People's great desire to have faith has led them to apply their beliefs to those things are senseless and vanishing while those things which never perish and are preserved constantly in the Spirit of the World that which gives us freedom from the constant struggles of the world and the harsh climate that imposed on us is lifted to a level of divinity going beyond that of man but all too human at the same time.

Have we lost this sense of faith and places our desires in those things of the flesh devoting our time to technology and progress so much that we have inverted ourselves to the point where we have moved forward at all. Have we gone so far as to lose our appreciation of that which is beautiful and good by overindulging in those things which are beautiful and good to our senses. Like the Pagans of old have we reverted to our senses to come to a knowledge of the spiritual world with a pantheon of gods which brings the world into constant conflict and turmoil. The Pagans cry for peace and love more so then those of faith but their cries are in vain for their ways are not lead towards peace but confusion and ambiguity.

Do their cries not get resounded and fall on deaf ears only coming to realize those very ears on their own. Is is enough to laugh at the tragedy of an age so powerful to think it can abandon the very grounds of reason to be foolish its unweighted glory. The greater progress the greater the possibility for mutually ensured destruction. Like to great forces ramming into each other Reason dwells in the lowliest of caves and sinks into its flesh hidden from the light as a beast wishes to hide itself from the light to not show its ugliness so reason without a guide that is faith.

As it is the force which directly opposes faith to validate its claim is to undercut this opposition and oppose itself to itself. This power which reasons makes Faith to seem small but yet what inspires growth more then action this act of faith which leaps over itself and submerges itself in those things which stand outside the world those things which give us peace to remember the glory lies beyond our own. Have we known a greater sense of self that which is purely rational and sensual and captures the body in all of its rational power to heights only dreamed of.

When Reason replaces faith and those heavenly ideas which transcend themselves into rational principles are reduced simply to reason we lose all the reality that is directed towards faith and neglect the reason we have been given to use towards these ends. For Reason is an ends in itself but not without a faith faith is the ends of all. Reason becomes delusional and hallucinates in its blind urges when it depends on the ego to interpret the communal consciousness of faith to dwell and rest on itself.

It leaves the ego immobile, drugged in a stupor in which it forgets itself and most importantly the others around it. Faith is Reason and Reason is Faith and without either both are mutually opposed and destroyed and in their integral unity both are lifted up and made new. The Best of Both Worlds is found in the integration of both.

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