Best Way To Accept Payment Online

Reply Wed 15 Sep, 2010 03:32 pm
realjohnboy wrote:

I am out of my sphere of knowledge here. I don't even have a tv or cellphone. Andy tells me that he has a Mastercard credit card that he can use which pulls money out of his balance in Paypal (which today was $1449.78). He uses it to pay business related expenses, such as the postage on merch he ships.

Sure - and at any time, Paypal can seize that money, and keep it for months without any recompense at all.

Some background:


I know people who personally have been screwed by Paypal. Big time.

Like I said, just be careful when using them.

High Seas
Reply Fri 17 Sep, 2010 04:39 am
These Paypal practices were true in the past, but under the new finance reform law, and particularly since Prof. Elizabeth Warren (unquestionably an authority on bankruptcy law) was finally appointed as "adviser to the president" pending her confirmation to head the new consumer protection bureau they have become criminal. All consumer-oriented money-clearing operations have had to clean up their act or be forced out of business.
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