What Happened to the Internet?

Sun 5 Feb, 2023 06:00 pm
This is something I've been pondering lately, especially due to the fact that I've recently finished shutting down every form of social media I could that I used to thrive on.

There are a number of areas where I've already been told that the internet has always been toxic to some extent, so if I'm somehow thinking that it's just a recent thing, I'm definitely mistaken. And I would have to agree with that assessment, especially since... there are some areas where, when I really look back, I actually feel that the internet made some of my problems worse over time, even if it helped make some things better by letting me use my imagination, seek out knowledge, and meet a wide variety of wonderful people.

It just seems like, over time, the internet has become something where it's incredibly difficult to find anything anymore that might bring the same "magic" I once knew from about two decades ago.

Back in the day, all I had to do to make a few great friends who were interested in talking to me and doing collaborations with me was to post a fanfic within a fandom community, thus showing what I was capable of doing, and a few people would come. And this led to a lot of fun times RPing, fanfic writing, and just talking about life and anything else we wanted to talk about.

Over the course of time, though, it just seems like the world at large has changed to the point where... well, it's almost like people have had the kind of carefree fun I remember having during my younger days bred out of them.

At one time, you could post on someone's profile wall on Deviantart and for the most part, people didn't bat an eye... at least in my experience. In more recent years, I tried that with someone and sorta got treated like I was trespassing on their lawn or something.

At one time, you could seek out an RP partner and just have whatever random and wild fun you felt like doing when you felt like doing it, and nobody batted an eye if you chose to abandon it in favor of something else instead. These days, it seems more like potential RP partners are a lot more serious, they almost want to treat it like a professional project, and act like you are wasting their time if you just want to be carefree or drop it after a while when you get bored.

Plus it also just seems like the various definitions and parameters have changed. Maybe part of it is just due to the fact that technology has evolved so much, and we now have an entire generation of people who grew up with it (and some who were born into it), and I'm just a bit different because I was born in the 80's, and I'm one of the peeps who remembers the final years of time just before the internet became mainstream.

I mean, I didn't even have my first fancy cell phone until I was nearly thirty. And I didn't really have a need for one, and still kinda don't apart from texting one or two people. *shrug*

It also just seems like, while the internet used to have convenient niches where you could easily find your home away from home, (and if it wasn't working out for you anymore after a while, you could leave and find another one) it has changed over the course of time to where... it feels like you can try searching the internet, but...

I'm often left feeling like, instead of finding homey niches anymore, it's become a vast ocean. It's become full of big cities and overwhelming communities rather than welcoming or homey little nooks.

I guess I was just wondering if anyone else has felt this way or experienced similar things, or if anyone else has any thoughts or insights on the matter. ^^;
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Sun 5 Feb, 2023 08:31 pm
Do you ever stop thinking, evaluating, second-guessing, analyzing?? Maybe if you read a book or got a hobby you could free your mind for a time from all this thinking. I find it exhausting just reading your stuff; I can't imagine how you feel thinking and questioning all this.

And before you get defensive, this is not meant as a slam on you; it's a legitimate question. I think we all need zen moments every day where we aren't thinking at all. Peace. And quiet. It's very healthy. And calming.

The internet is like a neighbourhood. Some families you relate to, some you don't. I don't go on many sites and avoid negativity like the plague. So find the ones that suit you and stay there. Same thing you do with people. Stick with the positives.

So... I don't know if it's a vast ocean - quite possibly it is. But there are likely still niches you could fit into. What they are, I have no idea. Read a book, go for a walk, try an ethnic food... get off the internet for a while, and when you return, pick an area you think you'd like. The internet is helpful (and I suppose in some areas it's harmful - I don't know as I don't go there), but it's not the be-all and end-all of life.
Sun 5 Feb, 2023 09:14 pm
No worries, I don't take it as a slam because.... eh, sometimes I've asked myself the same question, as have others. Plus I must also admit that some people have stopped speaking to me altogether because I wouldn't stop overloading them or ruminating around them. ^^;

I think I am getting a tad better about it, but I still do it.

I guess the best way to answer your question is that... this is just sort of the way I've always been, especially since I turned 19 and got exposed to the internet for the first time. It began when I got my very first blog, when a new friend at the time urged me to get one in order to join in with her and others, and said that I could talk about whatever I wanted.

So I began to talk about whatever. I shared my lifestories, and I also got into a very unhealthy habit of ranting, complaining, and trying to analyze the universe and every little thing that ever happened in my life, and why it happened the way it did.

Which also proved to be a rather frustrating process sometimes, because I was trying to discuss things with people who weren't there, or it turned out that other people didn't want to analyze things as indepthly as me. I guess, especially in the past, it was always a source of great frustration for me when others would rather move on quickly and just keep dealing with day to day life instead of stopping frequently to think about what everyone did and what happened.

Perhaps part of this is also a holdup from a long time ago, when it seemed like I was surrounded by nothing but people who kept trying to deny that anything was ever wrong, cover up issues, or even act like there had never even been any problems to begin with. So I once made a firm decision that I would never allow that to happen again, that I would make it my personal life goal to figure out the Ultimate How and Why of every single thing I can, and try to make others do the same... and maybe even try to change others, due to how crappy some things got during my growing up years.

However, it would seem that my methods don't really work, especially since... I'm only just beginning to learn to accept that you can't really change others, and maybe... there is actually nothing to be gained by figuring out the Ultimate Why.

After doing this for about two decades though, and feeling like I'm still looking for at least some answers, maybe I just don't know what else to do with myself or how to conduct myself differently.

Plus, I guess part of it is stubbornness on my part. I have been severely disappointed by the fact that I couldn't make some people I loved dearly see certain things my way, and some people seemed more intent on trying to make me see things THEIR way, or ditching me altogether.

It doesn't help that I'm no longer interested in many of my old hobbies, and I also feel rather heart-broken over the fact that other people I used to do certain hobbies or projects with are no longer there, or at least no longer interested.

Besides, it also just seems like the world has really changed a lot since I was a kid. I still feel like I don't know what to do in THIS world, because I feel like I was originally raised for a very different kind of world with a different set of expectations, and then when I finally reached a point where I could begin to adapt somewhat.... it has gone and changed again.
Mon 6 Feb, 2023 03:33 am
My son spends a lot of time on Tumblr, that mostly seems to be chats about fandoms and the like.
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