Fireworks: nuisance or nirvana?

Reply Wed 4 Jul, 2012 06:17 am
It's already loud here. I talk to neighbors with dogs and the poor things are already scared.
Reply Wed 4 Jul, 2012 06:21 am
Same in our neighborhood, in fact they started shooting them off last weekend, drives the poor dogs crazy.
Walter Hinteler
Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2012 01:16 am
In the biggest fireworks fail since the invention of Viagra, Port of San Diego officials apologized for a "technical glitch" that turned its 4th of July "Big Bay Boom" into a premature explosion:
Yep, all the works went off at once about 5 minutes before the 9 p.m. start time of the show above Glorietta Bay between Coronado and San Diego, according to organizers. The rest of the show did not go on. But the adolescent oopsy lit up the local sky like a nuclear blast (see photo).
Source(with video links)
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2012 01:23 am
jcboy wrote:

Same in our neighborhood, in fact they started shooting them off last weekend, drives the poor dogs crazy.

**** the dogs...the soldiers with PTSD are humans(AKA more important beings) and often are worse off.

Lots of illegal stuff is sold here by the indian tribes....it is a problem, resulting in increasing numbers of outright bans on fireworks. 12:23 AM here and big stuff is still going off, we living in the county (no ban) outside the city (with ban) in a subdivision where the residents mostly have money to spend and 5 miles from an indian reservation..
Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2012 04:07 am
We had the traditional"Night of appeasing the Gods of Niter" here last evening. There are several hillbillycompounds that dont give a **** about war veterans that are really traumatized by fireworks, and livestock that go absolutely nuts.
Its hard to explain to a cow why these salutes are important. Weve, a few years ago, had several cows tear down a fence and escape during a thunderstorm so, last night, we put all the animals we could into the barn. We put the cows and the donkey in an area and we kept the barn lights blazing dor a few more hours till the assholes get the pyrotechny bug out of their systems till Labor Day. (We seem to have a local tradition of fireworks on LAbor Day as well)

The "Major" is an old guy who served in Korea and lives over on Mt Pleasant Rd and every year his kids come and stay with him so he doesnt freak at the fireworks. This year they came and took him with them to the Jersey Shore. (Down there they enforce the local ordinances and state law about class A and B fireworks).

Being concerned about animals is jut proper stewardship over these creature in our care, and being concerned about humans who fear fireworks is simple humanity. We do both around here, Im sure jc isnt posting on a bias for only animals and Im sure you dont mean to sound totally unconcerned about animals.

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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2012 06:40 am
My dog must adapt pretty quickly. We had a great display right across the street. We just sat watching them from the livingroom window and they were damn loud. The first few, the dog would bark and then after a little bit, he just went and laid down and ignored them. Although every once and a while one would go off I wasn't expecting and I'd jump and scream.
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Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2012 06:52 am
I don't like fireworks and never have. Between the noise and the danger I'd be happy if they disappeared forever.

The big display done on the Hudson is over a mile from here; yet, last night I could feel the building vibrate as it went on. That can't possibly be good.

When I was growing up, a neighbor's home went up in flames when one of those flying fireworky things went in the wrong direction landing on the roof.
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