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The World Powers And The Strategy Which They Use Can Be Likened Unto The Game Of Chess
( Chess ) is derived from the Persian word Sha meaning King . The game symbolizes the Government and how it manipulates the lives of the populace . The is why many times this Game of skill and mental expertise . is called the Game Of Life . The Greek Rekigion ( Mythology ) is based on the Game of Chess where the Gods played against the world . In this Religion the Greeks had set up a Council Of Gods ( Apollo , Athena , Pan , Etc ) . With Zeus as the chief God . Together they manipulated the lives of Mortal Men . As the immortal inhabitants of Mount Olympus , they made the decision in all matters of Life , Death , War , Fortune Everything .

They manipulated the Life Of The People , as do the opponents in a Chess Game , or as The Governments Of The Earth . The pronciple is , therefore , not the actual playing of the Game but rather the meaning behind the Game itself . Who can deny that the present world Governments Control People's Lives ( i.e. Pentagon ) as though they were Pawns On A Chessboeard ? War , Peace , Life , Death , Fortune , and Failure are all Decisions that they Make and Carry Out . The Game itself is one of The Oldest Games which pure Mental Skill must be used and rules out Chance ( A Tool Of The Devil ) . The Game Chess Is Like Warfare ; It Consists Of An Organized Attack And Defense , Each Conducted With A Definite Abject In View . The Main Objective Of This Game Is Sha Maut meaning the '' King Is Dead '' .

Note ; The principle behind Chess and the positions each Player has is symbolic of the present day structure of the Babylonian Empire . In relation to Babylon , each of the Key ruling positions can be depicted on the Chessboards , but they are more intense in their power . The Rook ( Castle ) to the Left of the board represents Soviet Russia or as stated in The Book of Revelation ; Magog ( One Of The Horns Of The Beast ) .

The Knight represents the International Military , which includes the Army , the Navy , Air Force , and the Marines . The Bishop represents all the Political Parties which are existing today ; The Republicans , which in actuality is what this country is based on ( Just Say The Pledge Of Allegience ) , The Democrats , the socalled Liberals , the Socialists , and the Communists , to name a few . The Queen , which means Harlot ; She is the Queen of England
. The Queen rules Babylon and all the heads of the Government must Bow to her . The Knight represents the President who is the Dajjaal ; the Anti - Christ . Even though he holds a Key position , he too must sit by the Queen protecting and answering to her only . Revelation 18 ; 3

The Holy Bible , Revelation 18 ; 3 ( With Modern Greek Script )
For All Nations Have Drunk Of The Wine Of The Wrath Of Her Fornication , And The Kings Of The Earth Have Committed Fornication With Her , And The Merchants Of The Earth Are Waxed Rich Through The Abundance Of Her Delicacies .

The Kings Bishop represents the Paganistic Religions ; Methodists , Baptists , Seventh Day Adventists , Jehovah's Witness , Etc .Etc , The Kings Knight represents the National Police . They are the National Guard , the City Police and so-called Civilian Police . The King's Rook represents the United States or Gog . She is the other horn of the Two Horned Beast . Your everyday Pawns ( The Laymen ) are being influenced by these pieces . Economically . Europe was an industrial giant and producer of Coal , Steel , Aircraft , Armored Tanks , and other Artillery . Politically , fell under strong dictatorships . * Russia Under Lemin , Stalin And Khrushchev ...... * Italy Under Mussolini ...... * Germany Under Hitler ...... * England Under The Countless Kings And Queens . These heads of power were of the Ten Horns on the Image of the Beast , Europe .

The Holy Bible , Revelation 17 ; 3 , 9 ( With Modern Greek Script )
'' So He Carried Me Away In The Spirit Into The Wilderness ; And I Saw A Woman Sit Upon A Scarlet Coloured Beast , Full Of Names Of Blasphemy , Having Seven Heads And Ten Horns . ( 9 ) And Here Is The Mind Which Hath Wisdom . The Seven Heads Are Seven Mountains ; On Which The Woman Sitteth .

This quote dispels all myths and secrets concerning the Harlot from this we are able to see that the Harlot rules and the United Nations is the seat of power . The names of blasphemy are the partners they make with God , such as ; Jehovah . Yahweh , and God . The ten horns represent the ten countries in power . The sevent mountains represent the Seven Major Powers ; England . Russia , France , Germany , Turkey . United States Of America , And Italy . These Countries with the addition of a few other . have come together to from one mind under the power of the United Nations . And it is no coincidence that at The San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House On The same exact day . June 26 , 1845 A.D. the signing of the Original United Nations Charter was signed . This was supposed to be a day for bringing in of World Peace . Where 46 flags of different nations were hung . These were international , religious , educational , and humanitarian organizations present . At this meeting , the late President Harry S . Truman spoke saying , and I Quote ; '' In Your Hands Rest Our Future . '' Make Another War Impossible ... Nothing Is More Important Than Peace Of . The World .. And Cooperation Among Nations .

In this same year as stated in the book Armageddon Appointment With Destiny by Grant R . Jeffrey ; '' Since The Pace Has Increased Tremendously . With More Than Three Hundred Wars Be Fought In The Past Forty-one Years . In Fact , A Military Study . The War Atlas Records That Since 1945 . Not One Single Day Has Passed Without The Waging Of Some Sort Of War Or Conflict Somewhere In The World .

These major countries were Europe's Backbone . Their ruthless waring spirit caused much terror and confusion among other countries . Just as iron hammers break everything in poeces , this empire did the same Daniel 2 ; 40 , And I Quote ; And The Fourth Kingdom Shall Be Strong As Iron Forasmuch As Iron Breaketh In Picese And Subdueth All Things ; And As Iron That Breaketh All These Shall It Break In Pieces And Bruise .

It walked into the midst of others , scattered them and then conquered . Today . this infiltration is primarily accomplished through organization such as the Peace Corps and Red Cross , whose job is to instill Christian concepts into the Mind Of The Innocent Victims . ( They Come With The Cross , Which Represents ( Death ) . And Whoever Does Not Accept It Suffers . The British took control of Egypt . The French of Tunis , the Americans of the Philippines . The world powers divided up the countries of the Earth into their spheres of influence . which according to .

Daniel 7 ; 23 - 25 , And I Quote ; Thus He Said , The Fourth Beast Shall Be The Fourth Kingdom Upon Earth , Which Shall Be Diverse From All Kingdoms , And Shall Devour The Whole Earth , And Shall Tread It Down , And Break It In Pieces . ( 24 ) . And The Ten Horns Out Of This Kingdom Are Ten King That Shall Arise ; And Another Shall Rise After Them ; And He Shall Be Diverse From The First , And He Shall Subdue Three Kings , ( 25 ) . And He Shall Speak Great Words Against The Most High , And Shall Wear Out The Saints Of The Most High , And Think To Change Times And Laws , And Thy Shall Be Given Into His Hands Until A Time And Time And The Dividing Of Time .

This is what has been done in Vietnam , Koren , El Salvador , Iran , and Many more countries . Yet . as this empire damaged and scarred other , it too would receive a greater blow . It could be broken which was what occurred to bring about a split in its kingdom . These same European nations which came together to make war . soon wanted to join forces for what they termed Peace . Because they were unable to settle their own disputes they carried their burdens to the League of Nations ( Which Is Now The United Nations ) . The League of Nations lost its power during World War ll and was revived seven years later by the United States and Britain and the United Nations on October 26 , 1945 A.D.

The United Nations is the capital of New Babylon . The United Nations was hailed as the International Organization for socalled '' Peace And Security'' . yet , skillfully set up to oppose the coming of the Divine Kingdom of God . From this can be seen how the Devil systematically operates his efforts to rampage and destroy the world under the disguise of being in the best interest of '' Peaceful Co-Existence .

Revelation 17 ; 13 , Says , '' These Have One Mind And Shall Give Their Power And Strength Unto The Beast . ;.... This again is stressing that all the nations of people are under the power of one head , the United Nations . The Internation Trade Center , Wall Street , The Empire States Building . And the Twin Towers ( Prophecy Fullfilled ) Are going to be the first be overturned . They are the heart , capital and economy . of The New Babylon - - - America . All are located in New York City ; The Empire State . Revelation 18 ; 18 , And I Quote ; And Cried When They Saw The Smoke Of Her Burning , Saying . What City Is Like Unto This Great City !

I'll tell you who resembles this city with its Potnography , Druges Evil , And Homosexuality ;

Sodom And Gomorrah ! Did You Know That Sodom And Gomorrah Were Once Called The Twin Cities ? The Symbol Of The Twin Towers Is A Combination Of Sodom And Gomorrah And The Tower Of Babylon . Nimrowd , Nimruwd , Nimrod Said '' He Would Build A Tower That Would Reach Up Until The Heavens ' At One Time The Empire State Building Was The Highest Building In The World . Now , Everytime Someone Builds A Towers Higher , The Devil Has To Build One Even Higher In New York City Because It Is The Sent Of Sodom And Gomorrah . Just As The Anelic Beings Came To Sodom And Gomorrah To Get The Family Of Lot Out . I Am Trying To Get You Out Of This Wicked City The Holy Bible Genesis 19 ; 1 , And I Quote ; And There Came Two Angels To Sodom At Even ; And Lot Sat In The Gate Of Sodom ; And Lot Seeing Them Rose Up To Meet Them ; And He Bowed Himself With His Face Toward The Ground .

Yet you seem to be enjoying yourself here . You seem to be having fun with the Delicacies of the Harlot . You look around every day and find out another person is dying of A .I.D.S. And it's not a homosexual disease like they portrayed it to be . You Have To Get Out Of Here . It is no coincidence the forces of evil in the the popular movie series '' The Empire Strikes Back '' were called the Empire . This movie depicts the continuing war of The Angelic Beings Of Light Against The Agents Of Darkness .

The Holy Bible Revelation 6 ; 8 , And I Quote ; And I Looked And Behold A Pale Horse ; And His Name That Sat On Him Was Death , And Hell Followed With Him , And Power Was Given Unto Them Over The Fourth Part Of The Earth , To Kill With Sword , And With Hunger ; And With Death And With The Beasts Of The Earth .

The word Pale means , of a Whitish or Colorless Complexion Feeble or Weak . The Horse is symbolic of the second half of the European Empire , America . What the Disciple Yowkhanan John ( Zebedee ) ( Son Of Zebedee , 2 B.C. - 99 A.D. ) was shown was a dying empire on the verge of collapsing - - - never to rise again - - America . Those in power over this kingdom are men of a Whitish or Colorless Complexion ( Revelation 4 ; 7 ) relates that this kingdom was '' Like A Flying Eagle . '' The Eagle is a bird of prey known for its acute vision and powerful wings . Originally , the symbol of America was that of the Phoenix ; but later came to be the Eagle . The Phoenix represented a nation growing out of another nation or America growing out of the previous world powers .

It's riders were leaders who sat in power, caused mischief and controlled the reins of death . There were many Presidents , Govermors , Ambassadors , Military Police , Militia , Senators , and the likes that represented the same things ; corruption , destruction and death . The Disciple Yowkhanan , Yowkhanan John ( Zebedee ) also envisioned the war and destruction of this Fourth Empire . All the heads of the Beast became involved in World War ll .

Revelation 9 ; 7 - 9 .
And The Shapes Of The Locusts Were Like Unto Horses Prepared Unto Battle ; And On Their Heads Were As It Were Crowns Like Gold , And Their Faces Were As The Faces Of Men . And They Had Hair As The Hair Of Women , And Their Teeth Were As The Teeth Of Lions . And They Had Breastplates , As It Were Breastplates Of Iron ; And The Sound Of Their Wings Was As The Sound Of Chariots Of Many Horses Running To Battle .

From the geographic position of the Disciple Yowkhanan , Yuhanna , John ( Zebedee ) , the fourth part of the Earth was that section of the world now called North and South America . The above Verses speak of the World War ll fighter planes used by the American Flying Tigers . Yowkhanan , Yuhanna , John ( Zebedee ) had never experienced things such as airplanes so he could only describe them by objects . which he could relate to . He called the planes '' Locusts Flying In Formation '' . The ''Gold ' he saw was the sun's refection off the plane . The ' Faces Of People '' is a frontal view of the plane with its windows , radar scanner, and propellers . The propellers in motion appeared to be '' The Hair Of A Woman '' . The ''Teeth Of A Lion '' are the emblem of the Tiger Fighter Planes . This Has Come To Pass , Another Prophecy Fulfilled .

As written before previously ; The fact that history often repeats itself can be seen in Biblical prophecy .

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