Bush suffers from Pre-Senile Dementia? *video*

Reply Sat 10 Sep, 2005 10:49 pm

OK, so here's my review of this video:

me wrote:
You have to be ******* kidding me! Compare a speech, A PREPARED SPEECH! 10 years ago to a modern DEBATE!?!? Debate! It's NOT prepared! Unlike his speech 10 years ago! That was prepared, practiced, perfected before he ever went on stage.

I guess Auntikrist (awesome name btw *rolleyes*) is a psychiatrist? Some psych(o) you are. Ossification doesn't even apply, and guess what? "Pre-senile dementia" isn't even a recognized mental disorder according to the DSM IV (the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders for you people who don't know what the hell is going on, except it looks like Bush is bad). I'd like for you to prove to me all this chronic alcoholism and drug use you refer to. You people are sorry wastes of carbon and will buy into anything that puts the most powerful man in the world down.

Bush does stumble on words. So do you. How many of you "asshats" went to Yale or Harvard (and I don't mean on vacation)????

I was responding to this guy:
Auntikrist wrote:
Extensive brain damage from years of chronic alcoholism and drug use. A perfect scientific example of early ossification and damage sustained. As has been said before, this brainless puppet is a moron and has always been a moron.
Whether this video is a fake, flawed or whatever, at least perhaps it may make people take a good, hard look at the perfect example of why this man's lack of intellect makes him a terrible leader.
In my opinion, his presidency is also a direct reflection of the gullibility, lack of intelligence and poor choices made on the part of the public who voted for this incredible asshat

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Brent cv
Reply Sat 10 Sep, 2005 11:00 pm
My view on a variety of things that this video shows me:

1) The cry baby liberal that made this video is no better than the guy he makes fun of. His making of this video does nothing but try to make Bush look bad. There is no positive outcome of making this video. It just pisses the far right off and those that are tired of the back and forth attacks by far left and the far right.

2) He compared a prepared speech to a open debate where Bush had to think on his own and then used that to explain a disease which
ndjs wrote:
"Pre-senile dementia" isn't even a recognized mental disorder according to the DSM IV
like ndjs said is not even recognized.

The video creator is no better than the person he attacks. To be a better person you must attempt to provide solutions. That video provided no solutions and influenced no one to change their political views.

To sum it up: This country will never improve thanks to the far right and the far left. They will continue to bring us down with their pathetic attempts at leadership and their inability to look past their blind one sided views to accept others opinion as a possible valid suggestion.
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Reply Sun 11 Sep, 2005 02:16 am
Sadly, I fear it may have tried to change some people's political beliefs. Not that it matters at this point, since Bush is there and too bad bitches! The video was a flat out attempt to make Bush look bad, not Republicans.

This is an example of attacking a person. Isn't that what I get yelled at for doing when I say things Democrats don't wanna hear about Clinton or the Kennedys? Except I try to base my argument in at least a little truth. :rolleyes:

Some ignorant twatface will watch this and be like, OMG Bush is mentally ill!!! I'm voting for Kerry or (pre-emptive vomit) Hillary or whoever is not in the same party.
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