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I started to think about this [Evolution began with language] When I read that in the beggining was the Word and the Word was God. I could only imagine that if you had a large vocabulary thousands of years ago and others did not, you may be in a position to rule.Smile

Everyone needs some one to talk to, and it is true that people like Bismark, and Napoleon, and Lenin who controlled the dialogue also controlled society, but they could not have if sufficient numbers were not already willing to buy what they sold...
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Using words to speak and to think thoughts was a big turning point in human history. in fact, it is the major factor that began the recording and documenting of our story as a human society living on this planet. The time period before 4000BC is considerd by historians and academics to be prehistoric.
Today human civilization is set apart from nature and the rest of the animals. This is because Mankind has a capacity of consciousness quite beyond the abilities and experience of the other creatures and life forms. This ability is the conceptualization of ideas and situations made possible by the use of words.
No other life form, plant or animal has this capacity to develop and use such a comlex yet convenient available memory through the use of the word. It is the single factor that differentiates and separates mankind from animals. Although animals also have memories they store them in picture form. Mankind also stores memories in picture forms but since about 4000BC he has developed another computer type operation that uses words, numbers, analogies, and catagories of many types for memory storage. All of this has been made possible only because of the abilities brought about by words and the use of gramatical language. dan b
No, selection of genes are Imo the dominating factor, that be through visual stimulation as primary factor, then many subfactors for each species, such as audiotive stimulation, smell ..etc.

A language is a poor factor, which doesn't demand anything prior to a mating ritual. Only in the everyday for some species to maintain the order and suvival of the flok, or individual.

Specially for sole creatures who only seek social interaction for mating, even then language isn't nessesary, as the instinct for sexual act will be sufficient and dominant.
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