Is belief the root of all evil?

Alan McDougall
Reply Sat 16 May, 2009 11:33 am
Eudaimon wrote:
From my textbook on quantum physics:
"Causality principle determines time sequence of events and their interconnexion in a given system. According to this principle state of physical system in any moment predetermines its state for every following moment. Despite probabilistic character of description of microworld objects, quantum processes also causally connected (determined)." Thus, in a closed system everything is predetermined, albeit we cannot know what exactly will take place.

Relativity does not exist , we are just a silly possibilities residing in the mind of the Infinite, a separate oneness embraced in the arms of our own stupidity, reaching out to the impossible unknowingly revealing the absolute quantum nonlogic withing a frame of infinite macro eternal void of infinitesimal openness, inside an enigma, which resides in nothing, always empty minded with profound knowledge of everything that does not exist

Careful consideration of the above profound truth, will reveal that there is nothing left to understand except the illusions that cause the delusion to flow in and out of our non- locality. inter- winded hyperactivities empirically proved to be an hideous beautiful truthful nonsense by the yet unproved theory of entropy by the twentieth law of thermodynamics

I rush down the nearest rabbit hole and know everything that can be known , coming out and sad by the lies we have swallowed in our brief surfing on the dark oceans on a planet that does not exist

We have been fooled by the Librarian to believe that we are alive and slowly, slowly we begin to know the awful truth, as the evil realization flows like icy terror until it reaches our brains and we cease to exist forever

God/man/existence are a joke the ultimate Oxymoron
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