The brutality by NAZI German against USSR prisoners of

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HexHammer;159780 wrote:
Wrong! What Alan McDougall does, is to promote blind hate, grudge and a clear 1 sided discrimination.

He uses such strong words as genocide, when it was a massacar.

How would you feel if you have been to court and trial many decades earlier and still being haunted for your past crimes? Least in Denmark politicians activily speak of forgiveness on TV, that people shouldn't bear grudge to a person who already have had his punishment, else ..what good is a official punishment if the poeple doesn't care about it and wants to exact their own punishment?

And specially for those who have been innocently accused and trialed? We just had such case a few months ago where 3 boys had been released for false accusation of rape, after 1 year++ of prison.

Is blind hate speeches, discrimination ..etc, really what this forum wants to promote?

Too often I'v seen in friends, in marriged couples, on job how people blindly discriminate, hate eachother, and activly seek to bring harm to eachother ..for what? ..usually for insignificant things, they often can't stop, can't help themselfs in this world of hate, and has to have a person outside to stop them, else this selfish hate will continue forever.

Imo Alan McDougall should be prohibited to make such threads with no discussion value, ofcause he could make such thread if he actually wanted a discussion of given subject.
Many may mistake many of his topics for being informative historical display, when it's only 1 sided heavily biased hatespeech.

I have specificly asked Alan McDougall what role Hitler had in the Holocaust, which he couldn't account for, but had based an entire thread on how evil Hitler was with this Holocaust.

You have no conception of the power structure in Nazi Germany... Hitler would make ill defined expressions of his desires and his lackys would act on them... If you consider that one signature on one order for the killing of Allied fliers cost Goering his life you will understand how circumspect those people were in giving the allies evidence against themselves... They knew they were breaking international conventions and they had the sense to cover their asses...They destroyed much... One set of notes from the Wannasee conference survived, but since they were not the originals they could not be used by the prosecution... The Russians did not stand on such formalities in their areas of control, but no one of the united nations wanted to set such a precident of lawlessness...
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