Edge of the Universe

Reply Thu 18 Jun, 2009 09:17 am
xris;62675 wrote:
Sorry in my opinion you have got it completely wrong.Your view of nothing is not nothing its something.Nothing is nothing not something with nothing in it.Space is continually expanding into nothing..not the void but nothing.The universe ends beyond the event horizon.If another universe exists its in this universe.You cant have a space between universes its the paradox of space.As i have asked before,if you have a box with absolutely nothing in it, does the box exist? thanks xris.

Q/What advice do you give the man who has nothing?
A/Throw it away !
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Reply Fri 23 Mar, 2012 01:04 pm
@Sir Neuron,
Suppose that one could construct a filter, wall, field or something, that provides a total shielding. And that you then out of this "something" constructs a bubble, the total void. Since nothing is there, neither space nor time, no physical laws, absolutely nothing, all the known space could be fit in the bubble. If you think of it this way, the known space may be infinitely greater, in terms of mass and space than is now expected.
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@Sir Neuron,
Sir Neuron wrote:
Holiday20310401 wrote:
all there is can only possibly be mind orientated.
Well said!!! Remember the movie "The Matrix". ... not so far fetch. Does the universe have a limit or is it infinite. Either is highly impossible. Beyond the limit of any object, we know, is the existence of another. On the other hand, It seems very impossible for there to be a never ending stream of matter, energy, vaccum etc. The universe is an illusion of our brain (the most logical explaination to date), and so is our brain as well. Maybe one should watch the following video clip to better understand. YouTube - Perception - The reality beyond matter

just plain dumb
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Reply Tue 27 Mar, 2012 11:27 pm
I once responded on A2K--don't remember the thread--that, in a (fantastical thought experiment) if a space ship could fly to the edge of the universe it could not make an exit because in the attempt to do so it would only extend the limit of the universe because it is not something IN the universe that could go OUT of it; it is an element of it and as such whereever the space ship goes the universe goes. Rolling Eyes
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Reply Tue 1 May, 2012 07:50 pm
@Axis Austin,
Asking where the edge of the universe is is like asking where the edge of the flat earth is. It's where you fall off. Now, since we all know that the earth is round and there is no edge, so there is no edge to the universe. You will eventually return to your starting point if you keep going. The universe is a closed 4-dimensional space-time continuum. Outside of this continuum (if it could even be imaged) the universe doesn't exist (not even the thought of it). We called it Nothingness. Inside the continuum, everything exist because of separation of energy of matter. This is why it is said that Existence comes out of Nothingness.
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