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Arjuna;174087 wrote:

As for fuel... I can support mass transit. Ouch.

This brings up a good point to discuss one policy type that neoliberal thinking does on a regular basis. It is call, subsidizing the market. If we paid the true cost of oil, or better, the true cost of the lifespan of oil, few people would probably be able to afford to drive. Gas would be extremely expensive, and its toxicity would severely cripple its practicality.

To begin with, oil is a very valuable resource that seems to be found in many unstable parts of the world. Thus, the military is needed so that corporations are still capable of functioning normally. But the oil would not do much good if there weren't roads to drive on, streetlights to illumine the streets, and highways to travel long distances by car, oil would not have nearly as much value. Because of all that road infrastructure, people can drive pretty much wherever they want. But the roads are not free. Nor the plows and the construction and repair equipment. Rather than everyone paying for those costs within the industry that requires the infrastructure, government flips the costs making personal vehicle travel far cheaper than it should be. Tax money is used and because many corporations pay very little tax, they do not pay their fair share of the costs of their doing business.

That is only minute fraction of how the world is supported by neoliberal policies and regulations that books can be written on the subject. There is also neoconservative thinking, which is just about the same, but rational though is often ignored, and God's will is employed.
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prothero wrote:
Even the socialist democracies of Scandanavia and western Europe still engage in markets and representative government. They just use the power of taxation and government to more equitably distribute wealth in their societies.

They distribute income equally, not wealth.
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