Reply Thu 19 Aug, 2010 04:29 pm
I would like to hear the answer to that as well.

There are some pieces that I will never sell, I just like them to much. That is to say I may change my mind about them later, or if someone offers me more than I am willing to turn down. Some pieces I have made for my husband and so I won't sell the originals because in truth they now belong to him.
Reply Thu 19 Aug, 2010 05:16 pm
I would like to hear the answer to that as well.

Oh good, Aldistar. I'd be very interested to hear what JL has to say (obviously). Smile

(I think he mightn't have seen my question yesterday.)
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Reply Fri 11 Mar, 2011 10:33 pm
Hi Msolga, I don't think of my paintings--even the bad ones--as mere commodities produced for a market. But when I do something--or when something does me--that I consider good, I (or my ego) want to hold onto it and enjoy it for a while. And if I attempt to sell it I probably inflate the price, reflecting an ambivalence about parting with it. That was my meaning to Aldistar; it was more of a confession than it was advice.
But eight years was long enough to relish it.
Reply Fri 11 Mar, 2011 10:51 pm
Yes, I can understand that, JL.
If something you've created has brought you so much personal satisfaction, then why get rid of it almost immediately (if you can possibly afford not to)?
Why not keep that piece around & enjoy your achievement? Remind yourself of what your best work can be?
That makes perfect sense to me.
I can imagine there are some pieces you might never want to part with.
(Though you're never going to get rich thinking like that way, ya know! Wink )
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