Do Atheists favour Buddism over the other faiths?

Reply Fri 13 Nov, 2020 02:43 pm
From my experience on other religious forums, when I've offered Buddhism as an alternative faith to Atheism, they've rejected it. When people are about to become Atheists, and I propose trying Buddhism before they turn their back on religion, they ignore it. And when Atheists have realized they have found religion, they hardly ever become Buddhists.

It's kinda a regional religion or something. Or maybe there are just too many sutras to keep up with. I'm not really sure.
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Reply Fri 20 May, 2022 08:47 pm
Atheist usually stands for somebody who do not believe in God in general or the mysticism of the world.

Usually people of the far-east identify themselves because they do not believe in western variation of god. They still believe in god and or their is a god, however not the same idea because of the cultural differences and time-frames.

Buddhism is a practice rather then a faith. The idea is to attain the Buddha like state. It was started in terms of preserving India via a prince who literally saw how terrible his people was living outside the walls of his domain. It also borrows a lot from Hinduism. While the "method of thinking" or "Way of life exist" you are welcome to practice irregardless of religious belief system.

The problem with Buddhism is the missionaries saw them as pagan symbols. Bashing the statues among many force of behavior against and towards the people. Which brings us to modern day England v. Gandhi and the civil-war that followed.
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