sexually polarized working environ

Reply Sat 30 Jan, 2010 10:01 am
I teach electrical-trades-technical so all the instructors are male expect for one female (at least I think she is). She has about as much femininity as a fat, loud, redneck, uneducated, 40 year old ditch digger; even worse she talks harshly and all her sentences go up at the end like she's constantly asking a question.

I have a few female friends but they are all older, motherly-types with no female pizazz so I really miss associating with interesting, sexy, well-dressed, fun-loving women.

When I performed music regularly, I was often in pretty women's company, and I guess I expected that would always be the case, but now I find myself in the company of almost all males.

In class I teach to 16 at a time, and they are almost always all male between the ages of about 20 to 40.

Mrs. Chum fits the bill much better than most women her age, but of course she has her own life and work to lead (as do I) so oftentimes we both have different scheduling.

Because of the demands of my teaching career it seems these days I don't have the energy and time to perform music so that avenue is closed (for now).

I miss the flirtatious smile and presence of a gaggle of well put-out women, and I wish my job had balance between the sexes.

What's a poor man to do? Do y'all have a nice mix of male/female or are y'all in a sexually polarized working environ like me?
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Reply Sat 30 Jan, 2010 10:16 am
I've always worked in a mixed environment in terms of colleagues, but most of the students I've worked with (because of their particular issues) have been male. One place I worked, I learned that I had to be very, very careful about what I wore, when I dared to wear a pair of sandals and believe it or not, the sight of a female foot was the subject of conversation the entire class that day (and the next -' Miss, why aren't you wearing your sandals today?'. I never wore sandals to work again.
Reply Sat 30 Jan, 2010 10:32 am
It's well know that the American education system produces hosts of foot fetishists...
Reply Sat 30 Jan, 2010 10:53 am
Apparently so, although I had no idea, because when I told another woman I worked with about it she said, 'Any little strip of bare female flesh will elicit that response.' And I was like, 'Well, I can see that being the case with cleavage or something but FEET?!'
(I guess it's not so weird when you think about it - I enjoy looking at nice hands).

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Reply Sat 30 Jan, 2010 07:38 pm
I have always worked in a pretty gender balanced environment up until the past four and a half years.

Last time I worked in a hospital, my professional team was mainly women....but one worked closely with people from other disciplines, so it didn't feel that way.

I prefer the balance, at least the way it has been for me, because there is just more diversity. I am also missing having psychiatry as part of our team...again because of lack of a different point of view.

I think age gap is also a factor, though.

Or some damn thing!

I have NEVER in my whole life had gossip magazine conversations with women of my own age (not saying that these didn't occur in the world....but that if one was working in my kind of area, at least,they didn't occur at work...(or socially with friends).

I have never heard women I work with or have as friends talking endlessly about shoes or fashion or soap operas or reality TV!!!!

These younger women are very intelligent and doing serious work, and yet often want to talk about stuff that makes me want to eat my own entrails with boredom.

Yep...I am a nerd!

The flirt factor at work IS fun! I miss that, too. It was very subdued in my kind of workplace, but there is just a somewhat different energy if you have clever and interesting folk of the opposite sex around (if you happen to be straight.)

Mind you, the only passionate affair that broke out in a workplace of mine was between two gay women.

I'd similarly hate to work in an all male environment. Did that for six weeks.
Reply Sat 30 Jan, 2010 09:55 pm
Mind you, the only passionate affair that broke out in a workplace of mine was between two gay women.

Could you post the video?
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