Missing in action: Where is the mind?

Reply Fri 6 Apr, 2012 09:58 am
Cake, of course. Why didn't I see that?

Maybe the napoleons ate it before you arrived? They are greedy little muppets. Smile
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Fido wrote:

jhort wrote:

While I am going to be playing into the inference game less and less,
To this little jab I believe that it may be helpful to address,
I do indeed know the difference between Spirit and Mind,
Spirit is the reason and heart and the intention of one's drive,
Mind is where wisdom and discernment lay edge upon edge,
And living life for the love of man, understanding through the fear of God, is the connection between mind and spirit. That is how the heart and truth are manifest through knowledge.

You don't need to take my word for it though.
When ever two Napoleons enter a room, only one leaves...Which of you two clowns is planning on being the horse and which is planning on being the rider???
I AM the HORSE, Twisted Evil I AM the RIDER. Shocked

What was it I said about FOOLS? Cool

Forget what you've heard, Neutral forget what you've said. Confused

Whatever you SEE Shocked is all in your HEAD. Cool

What WAS the QUESTION? Rolling Eyes

Is there a GOD inside of YOU? Neutral

I hear the silent whisper from within. Wink

While beholding the DARKNESS without. Cool
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