Metal Roofs pros & con s

Mon 29 May, 2017 12:11 pm
I agree with you aidan. We looked into metal roofs because of the slope of our roof. I did not like the look of them. It distracted from the whole look of the house we went with something called a Flintlastic Roof system. It was expensive, but nowhere near the sticker shock of a metal roof.
Mon 29 May, 2017 01:31 pm
W have a rolled seam metal roof and , because it looks so well with the Colonial nature of the farmhouse, wed found that we started a "run" on rolled seam roofs around our township where the high end roof is cut Peach Bottom SLate.
We hve severl 'telescope" additions to our place and the one room is a study with a huge walk-in fire place(like our kitchen fireplace), and the rain on the metl roof lulls one into sleep.
Complete with offset "snowbirds and blue glass globed lightning rods on the main roof and various additions, its a knockout . I would NOT spend for copper because the acid rain dissociates copper and makes a green like coating on stole or stucco.

We have so many fireplaces and woodstoves on this old house that Id be afraid of a shake roof. In the coldest part of winter we usually have 2 fireplaces roaring
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