It was a dark and stormy night....

Reply Wed 22 Jul, 2009 09:19 pm
As things would turn out however, the minors were saddened by all the flat 3rds and flat 7ths and decided to become more positive about life.

Meanwhile Meacham boards a light aircraft auto-piloted by an Interocitor to join Exeter at his research facility but Brack uses the weapons capability of the device to thwart the attempted escape of Meacham, Adams, and Carlson from the facility and thus "This Island Earth" the classic 1955 science fiction film comes to its stunning climax.

Meanwhile however in "the Day the Earth Stood Still" Gort and Klaatu disable all machinery so no skydiving is possible, but instead Gus and company decide to try their luck at the nearest cliff after first (naturally enough) getting the apropos CliffNotes, being that the fastest way to learn.
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Reply Thu 23 Jul, 2009 03:49 am
An image appeared to Agnes, as if in a dream, hazy and barely comprehensible, fuzzy and lost, a kind of life through a lens that had been covered with vaseline and wiped with one of those hot pink fuzzy toilet tops.

The image said, "Midgets."

Slappy, she thought.

It had to be Slappy.
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