Reply Mon 16 Feb, 2009 10:09 pm
Wow, this topic sure has gotten huge! I haven't been here in eons...
Reply Mon 16 Feb, 2009 10:19 pm
Hello, colorbook. Nice to see you.
Reply Mon 16 Feb, 2009 10:54 pm
I had to laugh when I realized
Just how many people share my habit.
When you’re leaving the town you pop up to the beach
And on your return you pop up there again.
Just to make sure it’s still there.

Why is it restful to gaze on the water?
Enough so to impact on real estate prices
And make people pine, who were raised at the sea edge
Who move where they can’t hear the sound of the waves.

Salt water is lifeblood. It’s buoying, caressing.
Impersonal, cold, cruel, accepting and warm.
Never the same for two hours in a row,
Unchanging, eternal, both timid and bold.

I’d like to die in the arms of the ocean.
Not right away, but I want to go there.
In sight of my end-time to fade into arms
That have buoyed me in life and then lay my soul bare.
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Reply Mon 16 Feb, 2009 11:38 pm
Hi Edgar, good to see you too Smile
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Reply Tue 17 Feb, 2009 12:10 am
It stank
It slithered
It rattled
It creaked
It left a stain

Reply Tue 17 Feb, 2009 05:45 am
Oh me brain.
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Reply Fri 20 Feb, 2009 05:57 am
I don't know how they could do this to me
Because of them things changed so suddenly
Everything got worse and will stay this way
I had lost everything that day

How could this world be so unfair
I'm living death and no one seems to care
I don't know what to do or what to say
I had lost everything that day

Failure seems a great expense to me
Nothing that happened made sense to me
I worked so hard but I'm still a disgrace
I had lost everything that day

Everyone just took each other's side
But I'm left out and I could have just died
I don't belong cause I'm just a stray
I had lost everything that day
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Reply Mon 2 Mar, 2009 01:51 pm

Listen to the fascist speak

Listen to the fascist speak
Word clots of blood and gore
Racist mother-****** lick it up
Keep your finger scores
Your righteous wars and anti-law
Sellers knew
He knew the truth
Don't be alarmed by the rising arm
Hitler's twisted youth
A millennium zoid
Born from money
Born angry
Born to kill
As hell falls
Love falls ridiculed
Innocence spilled
Listening to the cold excuse
The old old lie
Blasting untried youth
Into the ancient, empty maw
Of an old man's pride
Listen to the fascists speak their lies
Their hate bleak and honour weak
Their darkness inside

Reply Sat 7 Mar, 2009 11:53 pm
please give me feed back

the heaven collapse upon collosus shoulders as the ancients solar
smoke star dust and my bitch dont go to a gynacolagist she go to an astrolagist
rip apart hearts of sharks and leave teeth marks on belief
im on some differnt stuff liftin us listen dust dont speak spontaneous
took drugs hooked thugs on books and we look good
i think im nice like a knife when its a roll a dice ya soul ya life sold ya life the man with the blade hold the knife remember im the phoneix which crashed stashed my former body in roswell area 51 probally were gods fell
dechifer my rhtym is liven the life unforgiven this one for living this mic cord drivin into my circuitboard download the data how to work the swords i drive metaphoreds
crisscross the wbslingers and spin a new web to surf on took stock of ya change to market the brains to the to all the knights if the living dead
i could talk about celebrity status catalyst battle this mad illest fad kill squish all adversaries adverse reactions my dosage carry anthrax my postage carry
Reply Sun 8 Mar, 2009 06:29 pm
Haven't seen you in ages, professor. Your style has changed, a little. Less cerebral, more visual. Interesting.
Reply Sun 8 Mar, 2009 06:34 pm
waving to my friend
the Spike down that end
hoping is good and fine
we're sorry it's been a bad time...
not sure if was meant to use
a word to write this little muse
just wished to send a hug to you
with lots of love, and best wishes too. x
Reply Sun 8 Mar, 2009 07:04 pm
Receive a hug, good Izzie friend.
You know how nice it is to know
That people care across the globe
It gives a warm and fuzzy glow.

(I've never chatted in rhyme before)
Reply Wed 11 Mar, 2009 04:56 pm


it was so cold , the chill of eternity in purgatory , being banished by the fibres in his heart still warmed by those last glimpses of heaven before being sent forth from the omnipitent ashes from the past phoneix crashes in the future
burned the passage ways to the omnipresent

Spoken by a wise voiced man !

this is the story of how i came to be ...
Michael- literal translation :
He Who Is Like God
Dugas: Literal translation : The Guy
He Who Is Like God + The Guy = Me
the body of earth made of brimstone and dust
a soul eternal
a mind given to seeing the corrupt natures of humanity
an the beauty of it's inadequacy's
my soul purpose to defend the kingdom of ethereality
against the brute , mongoloid tactics of our fears and impulses

they said i was like who
the said give him the mind and in time see what he might do
fight through the hard times write through
what the night do
found a spot to sit underneathe what this light do
right shoe on the left foot dancing
another juliet he met apple romancing
johnny appleseed
grapple greed
pop capsules n weed
if this aint the saints restraint
then im a narcaleptic who feels faint
if we hooked up our morality to our mortality
it be the life of whats rights and your fatality
this isnt my first decension
me and lucifer had an intervention
with newphew damien for his suspension
what if gets expelled
how you gonna make money ,X Sell? (excell)
well then its hell
gonna turn into an anal pornstar cause **** sells
never went to school
went through school
teaching every teacher a lesson
agression and depression
find a middle to lifes little riddles
lotta blod shed on the court but knife does little dribble
ima take my shot at it
grew up next to chewed up crack rock habits
threw up there sins on the stairs of the civilians millions a addicts
i looked at god and he said jesus ! mic ?
are you willing to sacrafice your afterlife
so if earth were to pass tonight they could have a life
i grabbed my beakers walked into the lab of life
got mad at jekyl and decided to hide the truth syrum
drinking it every time a recording booth get near him
floors , walls and roof get near him
floors, walls and roof dissappearin
toast with orion grab the little dipper and get a taste of the grab nebula
morther earths frustraions showing in her crustations
rideing they hounds of hell at the bus stations
you can get half off the head price, decapitations
alternate dimensions altered states shine some light on these altercations
alterations to the fabric of time
with the magic of rhyme
the magic caught between conspiracy and havoc of mind
stuck between marshall and murphy's law's
took the oracle on cyclops shoulders an at first he saw
a universe to be awe'd
check ya dna stucture's your universally god
under the microscope we can see a design
under the microphone humanity's design
profanity and alkaline high exposure
probally give yea eyes some closure
probally become wise as we get older
probally we from the sky's as we get solar
kicked punched an beat up
eating kicks for lunch well the teachers got there feet up
after school we meet up
i start serveing these hungry glutons for punishment eat up
the devil's in our soul are getting cold i think we need to heat up
how many musicians took the led zepplin to heaven
how many ammunition crooks took the led weapon to heaven
i could be 2 seven an still have a larger out look on life
then those who say i left my child and wife
so i can have my style of life
you'd still be selfish even if i was elfish
i'll break you out ya shell fish
swimming in an ocean of emotion
i got in a sect that was doing backflips chopping blocks and praying to mantis
turn a college campus to what i call a canvas
and paint a smile on ya brains leaveing ya souls stained with answers
years of washing away the ink out of ya flesh
its carved into my blood you think you can take it out my breath
bin in the stolen vehicle
high speed car chase
behind the the grim faces i see the souls of people
not high on speed ,hard or base
charter faith
throw on another carter tape
s on my death reencarnate the art of faith
you must be a reality virgin cause this is hard to take
take 1
take 2
of trinity how many dimensions do you see 3
the 4 horsemen are at the four corners of the earth
take 5
elements and give ya sixth sense birth
gold frankinsense myrhh
well jesus, my gift to the world
to use my sense of the word
to make sense of the world
take the parental discretion off cause you cant sensor the world
cause you ladies are to lazy to mentor the girls
cause you guys are'nt gentleman ,hold the door
when your girl enters the world
emperors pearls
are feeling clammy in the hands of mother earth
as man uncover earth
she's feeling used by the one who loved her first
juliets devotion a lovers thirst
is also a lovers curse
universe told god cause it was only a crush
he responded it was only us , who else can make you spontaneous combust
the kingdom of heaven
playing strip poker in the bathroom lady luck becomes royally flushed

Reply Thu 12 Mar, 2009 08:20 pm
professor, I love those rolling rhythms you get going.
Reply Fri 13 Mar, 2009 12:52 am
Let me know what everyone thinks!!!!!!!!

im gonna call this one hmmm........ Death Keep's Us Sane!!!

it just flows forth from the karmatic source
another needle train wreckd, if you try to inject the addicts course
had it before, magic methaphors, to fight against the havoc ,remorse
the pale horse took a sip out the wishing well, grew wings
an angel lost his wings landed on this poison pegasus doing!
wrong doings!
this new breed of super villan
pushing open wallet's like a collection plate
stomach quakes
starved for knowledge, no matter how many apples you eat
johnny appleseed
mary jane
is the very grain corrupt
if i buried your mind in the dirt of my evil, would ya brain grow up
id never burden you with my work ,leavein fabric of time sowed up
welcome to heaven ,all we ask is you show up
no ups without downs
know what when ya out an down ,down and out
let ya mouth make sounds and drown in what comes out
some shout
some whisper's
some times the words i say, come out the words a listeners
i signed my language with an emcee missin ears
listened years, of government progammin jammin the frequency
frequently ,speakin free, teachin me
that i was built with sonic waves and lightbeams reaching me
sat with the man in the clouds
the conversation grounded me ,
i wasn't shocked i started understanding the crowds
zues gave me a leash for everytime hades hounded me
welcome earthlings who founded me
i left teachers, students an principles who were lookin down to me
a higher outlook astounded see
bound to be ,a boundry breaker record maker
a double decker
pecker wreckers
better then an easy baker oven ,
above sin
below virtous
well those demons of the past are dessert to us
someone who can live in reality , seem's beserk to us?
dream well you get to work through bus
apiphany flashes like mardigraw
party raw with these bacardi braws
getting drunk ,with the naked truth ,got my car keys in her jaws
just jux ,just luck ,just give a ****! thats all!
just journey ,just lust her bust , awe shucks! thats all!
leaveing jaws struck ,awe struck ,thats all!
rolled up the magic carpet ,smoked the genie out the bottle
ship's out the bottle sailing the deepest fathom
of the atom
understandin aristotles
cleaned up my act my pages smell of soap
use to sell the dope
now im done getting clean sell the rope
sell you a scouts guide, to go with the rope i sold ya
tie this theory to my universe
and string pinnocio along well im doing a verse
reaper cuts the tension
welcome to this invention
a reality experiment
known as the fourth dimension
your all playing destiny's games
recipe is plain
in life
death keeps us sane

still live cherish the cherub cherry sweet nectar
the sacred garden of eden ambrosia ,main source of food for spectre's
and spectators alike
replicaters alike
reflect the generators of light
blackholes regurgitators of night
throwing up all day
growing up hallways
were a way to get to the principles office
am i showing up? always! with my principles! you cant stop this
i got the green light , when life gives me limes
im gonna shine
we can paint lemons gold some other time

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Reply Sun 15 Mar, 2009 10:55 pm
ok i guess i'll just put up a new one then

horizon dawns
dusk to dust sponataneus combust
is what it takes to become us
we from dust
never succum to the serpants succubus
look at the fabric of time stuck to us
jimity crickets legs caught fire when i taught jim convection heat
the judge is the only one sitting in the objection seat
object of affection
god let loves effect in
mirror to fear yin yang reflectin
break down the barriers which hold us back
its not possible
proving wrong whoever told us that
moving on endeavours that hold us back
are steppin stones
walk the streets with beats in my teeth
my weapons are known
weapons are honed on the sharpening stone
known as the microphone
and u only see what i write on the page
homie please lets get a light on the stage
pick up these bic's untill the ideas flick
encyclopedia dick
******* with the dictionary
n fight the media fabric
fabricated magic
its fiction that scares me
thats all they want us to know
giveing subliminal directions
got the map ,but where they want us to go
magnetic field makes the compass blow
from his soul
we are entity's of energy
im talking eons not centuries
not mentally stable
im meant to be able
sorry cane , but im a live brother
and forgive mother
shades of light
give cover
under the blades of night
made tonight

bye talk to you all later haha give um a read peace love hip hop

Reply Wed 18 Mar, 2009 05:13 pm
professor, I know you want feedback, I can only tell you again how much I enjoy your rhythms and the connections you make between ideas. I don't do the critique so well.
Reply Wed 18 Mar, 2009 08:01 pm
dont even worry bout it ne more


read um if you like and tell me the parts you like or things you feel i might need to work on its much appreciated but defineitly not expected from any of you thank you very much

mcee fya
Reply Wed 18 Mar, 2009 08:25 pm

dont reminise, he's a scientist
looking for answers, aint solvin cancers
evolving like dancers, from b boy to crunk
involved in the world, he's gotta chunk
skunk THC, do to you, wot it do to me
so maybe ,it'll make ya see
taking the world apart an analysing
scrutinising but not patronising
chemical compounded never astounded
ya dumbfounded, he found it, kept the wrapper
and threw it away, soakin in what it says
words make wars and wars the way
more interested in the ingredients
lookin gets tedious
criminal chemist cookin up treats
the kinda feasts you find on these streets
beasts eat the meat n lose they feet
he sit back laughin coz it do to you wot it do to me

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Reply Thu 19 Mar, 2009 06:43 am
The past is all I have left,
As my present is dark,
And my future is bleak.
I see nothing ahead of me,
No success of so to speak.

I only lived a short time,
So why am I always rejected?
I get ousted rom everywhere I go,
And each time I get dejected.

I been kicked out of schools,
And canned from every job I had.
Why am I such a failure?
Why are things always that bad?

Maybe I'm predestined to failure.
All the dreams I had was a joke.
Discouraged, I settle for where I am,
Because I had lost all hope.

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