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Inner teachings

Wherever we look today within the spiritual supermarket there is restlessness, glamour, excitement, an eager pursuit for self-liberation, self-empowerment or ascension from this world, the practice of low-grade psychism and an anxious fleeing from pain and responsibility - all in the name of spiritually.

As the long prophesied influx of new light continues to enter our world, darkness is necessarily accentuated, and today the dawning light of the Aquarian age is throwing shadows in all directions. The result? A great plethora of exaggeration, misinformation and imitation spirituality.

As stimulating psychic forces are being released and made available to mankind on an unprecedented scale, the unsuspecting, hasty and unenlightened are exhibiting their new abilities with remarkable alacrity, prematurely stepping forward to inaugurate themselves to the general public as spiritual teachers, healers and masters of wisdom.

These new teachers often offer fake spiritual gems that may appear to sparkle in the beginning, but soon fade and become lacklustre, along with the temporary satisfaction which may have been initially gleaned from them, while simultaneously they serve only to lead aspirants further and further away from the simple Truth.

However, that Truth is ever present and accessible by those who know where to look, and so who are able to find the Golden Key that unlocks the door to New Life.

At the end of every world cycle, a fresh and unadulterated form of the Universal Doctrine - or Gnosis - makes its reappearance on Earth in order to call in from the fields, before the Harvest Time, all those who are able to understand and apply it in their lives, and so meet the requirements of the latest cyclic opportunity for spiritual Deliverance.

The much needed rekindling of the Perennial Wisdom-Teaching of the Avatars in times of spiritual darkness signifies an informed effort to replace the plethora of misinterpretations, distortions and falsifications that will have inevitably spread throughout the world's religions and spiritual traditions over the centuries. It is, therefore, an important part of a truly religious endeavour to re-establish the Truth in the world and to thus contribute toward sounding the Final Call to humanity at the end of an age prior to the necessary planetary cleansing.

The word Gnosis is derived from the Greek language and means Knowledge of God, or Divine Knowledge. The Gnosis itself is Living Wisdom, unobtainable through the use of the intellect alone. However, when the earnest seeker of Truth utilises the mental faculty in the right way, for the right reasons and in combination with the heart, he may be brought into contact with the Living Body that is Gnosis by way of the printed letter of the Law.

Although the Universal Knowledge that is of the Gnosis constitutes the foundation of every true religion, it has been expunged or, at best, grossly distorted in all those religious traditions that still exist today.

Presently, very few people in the world possess the vital Key that is Pure Gnosis, and this is one of the reasons why there is so much confusion, distraction, futility and sham spirituality abroad at this frantic time on the planet. Yet this very same Key has been discovered and used by every great spiritual luminary throughout Earth's history. All of these enlightened individuals found the One True Path that leads directly to the summit of Life, and in embarking upon the Lighted Way, they managed to bypass the multitudinous enticements and snares in the world of delusion to arrive safely Home.

Today, we seek to free genuine candidates for harvest from all superfluous hubbub by placing before them esoteric facts that are as old as the planet, yet which have been re-presented in a modern format, taking into consideration today's grand opportunity as well as the new and adjusted laws of the Aquarian age.

It has been stated in the Hatha Yoga Pradapika: "It [yoga] gives liberation to Yogis and bondage to fools". Similarly, and with regard to The Pure Gnosis, we would say that it may be liberating for earnest and mature seekers on the Path but onerous and thus potentially detrimental for less dedicated and, therefore, unprepared aspirants.

In times past, the Inner Teachings of the Universal Doctrine were given only to Initiates of genuine Mystery Schools, where stringent tests had to be passed before entrance to the Divine Mysteries was permitted. We are offering such information today to those who are ready because we are in the "end times".

Due to the revelatory and uncompromising esoteric nature of that which is given in our advanced writings, they are reserved only for those serious and intelligent spiritual aspirants who know how to knock aright and so who possess the key that unlocks the door.
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