The Ungood Thread

Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 11:30 am
A few of you are curious as to what I've been doing lately, so here goes.
Some of you already know that I went back to work at the lobster shop. I was thinking about starting another business, but I did a trial run and between the competition and the ecconomy, it didn't turn out to be a good time to get into it, so back to the shop I went.
My rural location and the rough winter weather is what prevents me from working all year and because there's no work where I live, seasonal work is all there is for me and the reason why I have to work on basing myself closer to the city.
So, off to the shop I went where I ended up getting sick as I always do when I work there. Athsma + moisture + steam just don't mix, so I went to work in a different department, which doesn't have the steam and I did fine in there. No problems with getting sick after the transfer and what a relief.
2 months later they hired this big creepy lookin guy, who gave me the creeps from day one.
I decided I'd be keeping my distance from the guy and I thought it was weird that he creeped me out like that, since I always tended to run with the rough crowd and it's very rare that someone I never met to make me feel that way.
Anyway, I heard the guy was married, so that made me feel better, but I still wondered why he made my skin crawl.
A week after he started, he decided he wanted to talk to me, so I talked with him and laughed when he decided to start joking with me.
Then he started flirting, but I wasn't into that at all and the guy just wouldn't let up.
Then he tells me he's an ex con who went to prison for nearly killing a guy who smashed a beer bottle in his face (his story) and this didn't help with my skin crawling situation.
The more I tried to get away from the creep, the closer he would get to me. A guy I worked with told me stuff the guy was doing behind my back to get cheap feels, like cupping his nasty hand behind my ass when he came to get the barrels. Because of an old back injury, I move back and forth when I work standing still to relieve the pressure from my back, so the slime bag would position his hand (cupped) right behind my ass, so when I'd step back, he'd get his cheap feel.
The scum back was undoing my aprine strings, even though he knew it pissed me off, then after I'd tell him off, he'd laugh and say "I won't do it anymore, I just wanted to see how far I could go". I just gave him a dirty look and asked "why"?
The more I tried to get away from the jerk, the more he tormented me. Then he got behind me one day and presssed the front of himself against the back of me and when I tried to get the hell out of there, the son of a bitch pinned me against the table until I freaked out.
My boss saw that I was upset, but he never bothered to ask me what was wrong, so he just told the slimebag (Claude) to keep his distance from me.
He kept his distance for about a week, but then decided he wanted to torment me some more.
The piece of **** had me a nervous wreck and was even stalking me outside during breaks.
The day he started tormenting me again, I punched out and took off.
The next day I came in, I went to my bigger boss and told her my story and asked for a transfer back into the cannery (which makes me sick). She said he creeped her out too and gave me my transfer.
The very next day after I reported what he did, Claude (slime bag) came out into the hall, right in front of my bigger boss to glare at me in the break room, so ever morning after that, my even bigger boss (big guy) was guarding the hall for me after that.
Unfortunately, none of the bosses were around inbetween breaks and at lunch, where the creep would do everything he could to keep my skin crawling.
Finally last week, which was our last week, I quit before the week was over. I couldn't take it anymore and my biggest fear was that this guy was gonna follow me home.
I've never had anyone do this to me before and my nerves aren't even close to what the use to be.
It doesn't help that 2 months before this scum bag decided to play his abusive game with me, I found out that mom has emphysima and COPD.

It's been a shitty year for me, no doubt, but I am not giving up and am still trying to find what's right for me. Getting closer to the city where the work is will be my #1 priority.

Well, that's my ungood story.
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Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 11:48 am
I'm sorry to read this. Good that you're away from him. I realize you've complained to your bosses, but can you complain more? They should not be protecting this guy. No one should have to feel the way you did, just to get a paycheck. Transferring you around was not a solution. The solution would've been for them to fire this idjit for sexual harrassment. Is there an agency you can go to if you get no satisfaction from the company? How about the press? I know you don't want to deal with this jerk any more but the reason why he does it is because he can get away with it.
Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 11:52 am
wow, that's not a good year at all

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Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 12:03 pm
Wow, that sucks, Montana. I was hoping that at the end of that story there would be something about you smashing the heel of your hand upwards into the bottom of his nose, driving shards of broken bone into his brain and rendering him a vegetable for the rest of his life. Sorry you had to go through that. Here's hoping next year is better for you.
Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 12:08 pm
You're right Jes. I have never worked for a company like this where basically anything goes. Yes, they should have fired him and it blows my mind that they didn't at least transfer him to another department instead of me having to leave. I was the victim and it really blew my mind years ago when I first went to work there that anything goes in this place.
People keep their mouths shut about stuff because it's their survival and the only work they can get, which is why the company gets away with it.
I've thought long and hard about making more noise about this. I've thought about going and getting a restraining order on the creep and pressuring my bosses to do something more, but at the same time I was scared shitless that this guy would retaliate by coming after me outside of work.
The guy has proven several times that he's not worried about the bosses because he's tried to intimidate me in front of them.
The other reason why I left it alone is because I knew this would be my last year working there. We have a shop just a mile from my house and even though I wouldn't get as many hours, it'll be enough to get me by until we sell the house and I can get closer to the city where I have all kinds of options. That's one option come April when the shop calls me back.
In the mean time, I'm off for the winter and have lots and lots of work to do in this house before we sell.

I'll be a happy camper the day I can get close enough to a normal job in a normal company that does criminal checks upon hiring.
Working with ex cons and crack heads just isn't my cup of tea Shocked
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Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 12:15 pm
djjd, you've got that right.

Kicky (smooch), those thoughts actually entered my mind, but the slime bag is very tall and husky, so I couldn't reach. Very scary dude!!!
I did, however, have a bunch of tough young guys at work who offered to do very bad things to him though. Castrate is a word I remember one of the using, and as tempting as it was to let them go at him, I didn't feel right about getting them involved.

<tackles kicky, smothering him with Christmas kisses>
Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 02:20 pm
Well, damn.

I hope this year is a way better one.
Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 02:44 pm
Oy Montana, poor girl. Usually our intuition is right on when we feel uncomfortable about someone, and you knew immediately that the guy was bad news. I agree, the company should have fired the guy on the spot - no need to transfer him as he probably would continue harassing some other woman.

I am glad that you got out of there and won't be back anytime soon, and I
wish you a much much better year ahead. Hopefully all your wishes come
true, you sell the house fast and find a place and job in the city. You certainly
deserve a break.
Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 03:19 pm
Hi Montana, amazed to read about your ordeal, I didn't think that was possible in this day and age. Pleased you're out of there and kept your dignity. Wishing you a better and much happier 2009.
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Green Witch
Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 05:19 pm
Hi Montana, good to see you back here, but sorry to hear about the harassment. It's impossible to win in such situations. A cinderblock head brute like this guy is capable of anything. It's better to just get away. If you had had him fired he might have attempted to get back at you- and as nice as it might be to fantasize about castrating him, it's a sure thing that he can be more brutal and revengeful than what you are capable of. Perhaps the forced move will lead to something good. I'll be sending positive energy your way. I hope you stick around A2k, at least if you run into a Neanderthal here you can now hit the ignore button (if only it was so easy in real life). Wishing you a brand new year full of happiness and peace...
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Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 05:32 pm
Here's to your house selling soon so you can move to a place with better opportunities.
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Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 05:41 pm
Dammit Montana. Move to Seattle! That creepy guy won't find you here. We can be two hot single women and find us some sweet, hansome men to treat us good.
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Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 08:42 pm
Thanks you guys. I very much appreciate all your good thoughts and am hoping I can snag a break in this crazy life.

Dutchy, it amazes me as well that this kind of thing is allowed to go on in the work place with so many laws in place these days and I'm always refering to the shop as "Bedrock" and I'm one of the Flinstones Laughing
Crazy ass place!

Marty, at this point, you never know who's neighbourhood I'll end up in, so I hope you've got good coffee Smile
I've always got good coffee, so you'll be all set when you come over Wink

I bartended for several years along with driving a taxi on the graveyard shift in the Boston area and never have I ever met such a creepy guy. I see them on Americas Most Wanted, Canadian Case Files, etc, but I never met one.
He acts just like some of the bullies I went to school with, except he's 58 years old.
He said his dead father can rot in hell because he abused him when he was little, but he's no better! Very demented guy!

The laws in this country are something I've grown to have a problem with. Serious violent offenders are cut loose almost as fast as the drug offenders and they need to toughen up on these dangerous people!

I'm not the same person I was before this all happened and I'm pretty angry about that. I went from smiling, laughing and singing christmas songs with my co-workers, to being harrassed, abused and stalked by some complete stranger, simply because I wasn't interested in him. This is a 58 year old man and I hope a bunch of guys gang up on him and kick his abusive ass all over the place, breaking his back so he can never pin anyone anywhere ever again. "Merry Fuc*in Christmas A$$hole"!!!

Here's hopin for a much better 2009.

You guys helped me through today, so pat yourselves on the back for your good deed :-D

Hugs to you all :-D

Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 08:45 pm
An up above hug to the Montana girl...


hugs around for you and yers.
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Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 08:46 pm
Montana wrote:
I hope a bunch of guys gang up on him and kick his abusive ass all over the place, breaking his back so he can never pin anyone anywhere ever again. "Merry Fuc*in Christmas A$$hole"!!!

no really, why don't you tell us how you really feel Very Happy
Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 08:46 pm
And hugs to you too Montana!
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Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 08:48 pm
I have been following this thread. I think everything important has been said. A man like that ought to be taken out behind the building and turned into a blind paraplegic.
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Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 08:52 pm
Are you sure you want me too? I was kinda holding back a bit Twisted Evil

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Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 08:53 pm
Thank you sweet Rocky and Marty :-D

Edgar, I just love the way you think, you sweet devil Twisted Evil
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Reply Thu 25 Dec, 2008 09:17 pm
Sounds like a good time to have an informal chat with some of your law enforcement friends. It isn't a bad idea for them to at least know his name. He's going to run into someone who attempts to stand up to him and will end up hurting someone again.


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