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Hey there,
I can't stay here any longer. This use to be such a great place, but it's just not comfortable for me here anymore. There's way too much bullying and negativity floating around and there doesn't seem to be any peace to be found anywhere.
Someone is hurting and comes here for help, they end up leaving feeling worse than they did before they brought their problem here.
Someone is over joyed about something and wants to tell the world how happy they are, they end up leaving with a bursted bubble because of negative comments.
If we still had PMs, I'd give some of you my email, but that's gone too.

I hate leaving because there are so many of you I'll miss very much, but I get depressed every time I come here now and I need to fill my life with more positive things if I'm ever to find happiness.

Anyone who would like to stay in touch, please do. My email is [email protected]

I'm on Facebook and you can find me there with this email.

Take good care of yourselves

3/9/2009 Updated email as the other stopped working for some reason.
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