A boy...what to do?

Reply Tue 18 Nov, 2008 09:15 pm
Ok there is this guy, and we all have somewhat similiar friends.
But we are both shy, and i didn't notice him till this year.
but i'm really starting to like him. but everytime were at the lockers by oursleves without our friends it's akward. like i'm so nervous and shy around him. he broke up with his last gf a few weeks ago cause she had him whipped and lets just say he was glad to get rid of her. well now i'm trying to talk to him. i think he knows i like him cause he is good friends with my bestfriend. and im sure they've talked. but i don't want to get on his nerves if he doesn't like me.....wouldn't he have given a sign by know since he knows i like him?
what do i do....i just want to go up and start talking but my mind goes blank i just want to say i really like ..but if he doesn't feel the same i'll feeel sooo stupid and embarresed .....then we see each other everyday then it would be REALLY akward
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Reply Wed 19 Nov, 2008 01:46 am
If you're not sure id suggest dont be direct. You can always start being friends with him. U need not feel embarassed for that! Like a smile when you meet, casual greetings, general questions on interests etc. He may be shy now coz hes hardly out of a relation. U neednt rush things..but you can always start striking up a conversation..lets leave it to the cupid if the chord would strike through you both
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Reply Wed 19 Nov, 2008 02:28 am
yes , my frineds r in the exact same situation , when she sees my friend , she goes red and runs away! lol!
being a "boy" Razz i think thats u just getting a frind to tell him how u feel , will not be akward at all , u may think it will , eg. if i new a girl liked me , i wudnt be akward , itl just get a ego boost lol , so just get a friend to tell him
im pretty sure he will not be akward at all , u neva know , if he's shy around you
he might just fell the same , n not want to tell you either.
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Reply Wed 19 Nov, 2008 05:13 am
You can be pleasant and attentive and a good friend and see where that leads things. It may seem a bit dull and slow-moving but he might be overly cautious after having been in a bad relationship. But there's nothing wrong with saying, "Man, that math test was terrible! What did you get for question 9?" or "Do you think our team will beat the ___s next week?" or "I have sooooo much homework! I hope I can get it all finished on time. How about you?"

Open, unthreatening questions are one way to get people talking. It doesn't all have to be heavy. Start light and work your way in, if you feel there's a chance. Things may happen, but not necessarily on your preferred timetable.

Be patient.
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Reply Wed 19 Nov, 2008 07:14 pm
I agree with jespah. But I'd also like to say that just because he doesn't openly show that he likes you doesn't mean that he doesn't. When I was in high school, I was the type of girl to always get approached by a bunch of boys. There was this one boy that I liked a lot, but I never tried to show it because I felt that if he liked me, he would've approached me like everyone else. It took until graduation night for him to finally admit that he had a crush on me all throughout high school, and now he's my husband.

The moral of the story is"hang in there. I'm not saying you have to wait till graduation night, but maybe this guy is just taking it slow. Not all of them are blunt and fast about things, especially if they have their guard up because of a previous relationship that went bad.

Find something that the two of you have in common and bring it up in a real nonchalant, conversational type of way. It also wouldn't hurt to remember something about him that he doesn't think people pay attention to. It will let him know that you've been watching closely without actually having to shout, "YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY!"
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