Radical Islamic Militant Somali Pirates!

Walter Hinteler
Tue 3 Mar, 2009 01:35 pm
georgeob1 wrote:
The IRISH sea is rough only for Englishmen (and evidently Germans too) !

And why did they export it???

With small ships like the minesweeper any rough sea was ... quite adventurous.

Our 'battle crew' did extremely well, we had two excellent helmsmen (and me at the propeller/engine telegraph).
But when the rudders came out of the water .... some didn't react too well.
And with the next water contact ... things became worse.

But normally, the boat did what described above. Mostly. Sometimes it behaved differently, digging in earlier than expected and "watering" the bridge unexpectedly.
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Fri 29 May, 2009 11:02 am
I wonder how much Obama paid those pirates to distract the US public from what he was doing in Washington?
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