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Reply Sun 2 Nov, 2008 05:39 am
My cable company (a little rural cable service that seems to be loaded with "bundled" channels and religious and shopping channels), is kind of a disappointment. The several channels I want,(ESPECIALLY C_SPAN 2, or the Outdoor Network) arent carried at all. I like to atch the C-Span 2 weekend "Book TV" service. Its an entire weekend of book discussions, round tables, etc (as well as presentations by authors on their newest works).

Is there a site where I can tap into the channels on my PC? or blueberry?. I tried googling some obvious word strings and they were not what I asked for. ANY information?

I listen to the CBC via hookups through each city (Im fond of the CBC 1 from St Johns NB,) . Most radio stations have 24 hour real time webcasts, is the TV spectrum similarly disposed?

I thank you in advance for your kind consideration.
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Reply Sun 2 Nov, 2008 05:47 am
My first comment does not have to do with television, but with radio, although it is related, since it has to do with radio which one gets from cable providers--and that is that CBC One is available from Sirius satellite radio, on channel 137. That, however, would be the national version, and would not be the CBC One you get specifically from NB.

But that leads to a related response, which is that i would advise you to look into satellite services for your television and radio feeds. These days, you can get a small dish that mounts on the side of the house (rather than the big dishes in the yard which were common in the '90s), and the monthly service costs no more than ordinary cable services which you get over a coaxial cable. You would also be much more likely to get the Sirius satellite radio service.

It might be worth your while to investigate "dish tv." The receiver dishes these days are light weight, and no more than two feet in diameter.
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Reply Sun 2 Nov, 2008 06:17 am
Set, out here, many people have sat dishes of all kinds, from the big "West Virginia State Flower " size down to those "Direct TV" dishes.. I wouldnt mind getting a dish but weve hooked into a whole basket of services from cable .

My neighbor has a dish and I often go over on a SAturday to catch anything that I know is coming up (Like an idiot , I subscribed to the "Book Tv" schedule) so I can taunt myself whenever a good interesting program is scheduled (Like when Neil SHubin and several others were on explaining new finds in paleo). The only thing I dont like about a dish is the service disruptions in Lightning or snow storms. I asked the dish people whether 2 dishes, acting like a radio telescope field , would help allay the signal loss.

Anyway, within 1 year we will be having FIOS coming up the milk road . Itll cost me a hookup fee to run the wires from the main road but I think its gonna be worth it to get an "ala carte" channel list.

The way it is now, I can count on Sun Am being shot in the ass by the JAYZUS H CHRISE, stations and Suzaane Surmmers selling her chochkies.(Trust me, her chochkies aint what they used ta be)

This is temporary situation therefore. I can hang on till FIOS, but Im looking for a quick workaround so I can get my beloved Book TV programs.
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Reply Sun 2 Nov, 2008 09:04 am
How to Watch Book TV ON Line:

Reply Sun 2 Nov, 2008 12:12 pm
You can watch live streaming of all the C-SPAN channels here:


And for many broadcast and cable shows you can watch clips and full episodes here, as well as clips and full-length movies on Hulu.


Reply Sun 2 Nov, 2008 01:12 pm
Woohoo! Thanks everybody, Farmer for asking and Tico and Butrfly for responses.
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Reply Sun 2 Nov, 2008 02:52 pm
Thank you Tico and Butterfly. This is great. Now to somehow put this on my desktop(Im outa room)
Reply Sun 2 Nov, 2008 06:56 pm
Just bookmark the links in your browser.

Hulu has a queque feature so you can browse the content and add it to your queque for future viewing. One thing to be aware of is some of the content is for a limited time so it has expiration dates. Many of the full length feature movies have a two week shelf life. You can also subscribe to shows and the episodes and clips will automatically be added to your queque. If you request it in the settings you can get email notifications when something in the queque is about to expire or when something is added to the queque.

I just got done watching a really wonderful Paul Newman movie on Hulu. Hadn't seen it before and highly recommend it. Paul Newman earned an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Sully in Nobody's Fool.


Reply Sun 2 Nov, 2008 09:10 pm
I took a look through my video bookmarks and found some more sources for you if you want something other than mainstream.

This is the independent television service


This is a guide to most international live streaming


And then there's TED - technology, entertainment, design

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