Poker Domination

Reply Fri 17 Oct, 2008 10:48 am
So I've been on a 2 week hiatus from poker (was visiting friends one night, then was on vacation the next). I was worried that it just wasn't my night early on. I folded the very first hand, and then the second hand I got pocket Qs. The guy to my left made it 2.75 to play, which is a hefty raise. To my surprise, there were 2 other callers. For some reason I decided to call, which I now think might have been a bad choice. Flop comes 6JK I believe everyone checked, or there was a small bet that I called. Either way, turn is Q, giving me trips. I bet big, guy to left calls, everyone else folds. River is nothing, and I throw out a $12 bet. The other guy raised, I all in, and it was another $20ish for me to call. I'm worried about the straight, but this guy normally wouldn't make a huge raise with AT, so I was pretty sure he didn't have that. I thought maybe AK, but I thought he might have caught trips also. Therefore the only thing I thought made sense for him to have and beat me is trips Ks. I decide to call, and he flips over AT for the straight. He laughs and says he only meant to make it $1.75 preflop, but grabbed an extra dollar chip by mistake, then didn't wan't to say anything. So there went $40 in 2 min, but of course I rebuyed.

After that, I was playing pretty decent poker, a lot of my draws seemed to be hitting, and I ended up cashing out about $200, so I was still up $130 for the night.
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Robert Gentel
Reply Fri 17 Oct, 2008 12:06 pm
@Nick Ashley,
Definitely should have raised big pre-flop. You need to isolate against good hands because you'll have a better idea of what you are up against.
Nick Ashley
Reply Fri 17 Oct, 2008 12:57 pm
@Robert Gentel,
Yeah, and I should have known that. For some reason at the time I had this feeling that I would only be worried if an Ace and/or King came on the flop, and that if I raised big I would be called, and I would still be worried about the Ace/King flop. I was thinking if I just called, I would have an easier time letting the hand go if I needed.

I agree I made a bad play there, though, so am not sour about losing that $40. Luckily that hand made me buckle up for the rest of the night, and I don't think I made any huge mistakes after that.

The other thing I forgot to mention, and why I titled this 'Poker Domination' is that there were only 5 of us playing, so for me to cash out $200 meant I had most the money at the table. By the end of the night there were just 2 of us left, and I believe the other guy cashed out around $80
Reply Tue 4 Nov, 2008 10:24 am
@Nick Ashley,
i started again recently, i was down almost 700.00 totally took away my will to play at all, ive never been down, even playing machines i was up like 300 dollars.

im up 1500 now. leetsauce. 4 aces one hand,deal was pocket aces , ace kk flop, 4 turn, ace river. this guy had king 4. i figured him with trip kings, didnt think he had full house..
i only won 4 hands and i was playing all night. everyone knows im a tight player now tho hah.

only people i know who play homegames are filipino..

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