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Sat 28 Dec, 2013 11:52 am
Here is my list for today:

Yesterday evening I ate some stuff:
5 sugar free bonbons
6 slides of whole meal rusk

2 dishes with sour soup and 3 potatoes
Sour soup is a typical dish from southern Austria and Slovenia. It is really easy to cook and tastes good:
One liter water is merged with one table spoon of vinegar, salt and some garlic. Then this mixture is heated until it boils. In the meantime 2 tablespoons of meal are merged with some cold water. Then the water mith meal is added to the boiling soup. After 5 minutes the soup is removed from the plate and after one hour, the soup is ready. Into this soup greaves and cooked potatoes are given.

1/2 rib of chocolate
1 cookie
1 apple
3 slices of bread with butter, cheese and paprika
1 egg
1 slice of bread with butter, cheese and sausage

Yesterday evening I did some exercise:
2 x 40 sit ups
100 back and forth steps in sprinting position
2 x 40 sit ups with ellbows touching the knees
lying on the floor. Then rise one leg into the air. I did this 40 times with every leg.

I want to reduce the amount of coffee I drink every day. It is really a lot since there is a coffee machine in the flat. Today I plan to go out running. Hopefully I will do it. Smile

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Sun 29 Dec, 2013 03:32 pm
Yesterday before going to bed I was weak....
20 cookies
2 ribs of chocolate
5 sugar free bonbons
4 pieces ingwer with sugar
That is a lot. It should not happen that aften anymore that I eat so much garbage at night. That is the cause why I gained weight..

beef with noodles

2 eggs
2 apples
1 salad with potatoes with 1 slice of bread
1 slice of bread with butter and cheese
1 rib of chocolate

Today it is better. I weighted myself today and the scales told me 79.9kg (176.1lbs). Sounds good. At least less than 80kg but I guess there is always some fluctuation in a persons weight of +/- 1 or 2kg.

Today I ran 7.km (46.6 miles) in 50 minutes. That is not really fust but it was quite fun. It was raining and dark outside and what a surprise. I met another person who was also running.

Tomorrow morning I plan to ran again, but for a shorter distance.

Mon 6 Jan, 2014 07:53 am
Congrats on your conditioning. I'm sure if you don't indulge too often like that, you're in good shape. Being able to run about 5.5 to 6 mp/h for an hour is a very good accomplishment. Equivalent in metric is about 8.4-8.7 km/h.

I'll make an educated guess and say that you've got a misplaced decimal. Pls understand that I'm not being critical. I can see English is not your first language:

Today I ran 7.km (46.6 miles) in 50 minutes.

I think that should read 4.66 miles; however, not to be too picky
7 km = 4.35 miles.
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