Messy feelings (uncut unedited)

Reply Tue 22 Apr, 2014 12:09 pm
thanks Imur Smile It's all part of life I guess
Reply Sat 16 Aug, 2014 11:25 am
like funerals after losing our loved ones
we knew the day would come, despite our feelings about it
the bell rang on, no matter how deep we pushed our earplugs
not for only us to hear, the whole world now paid attention
they watched from a distance and wept on our behalf
they took sides, not knowing we brought this on ourselves
for the weapons we concealed on our backs were now revealed
for the show ended too soon, our clown masks had to be removed
we had been in war for years, this was only a declaration
we had been fighting for decades with smiles on our faces
yes, we lived on.. God kept us going

it didn't start like this you know
there were fun times that kept us going
we believed we were united despite our skin colour
we called ourselves 'a people', despite our religions
with scriptures, words and good intents we went on
we manipulated each other's feelings and called it love
yes, we ignored the tell tale signs, we were in love
perhaps with the idea of peace and being 'human' about matters
we addressed our issues so diplomatically, the oposition missed the point
we lived on, and believed we were to last.. we kept going

like red roses on mahogany caskets
we looked good for the day but were both lifeless
our death was just too fresh to give off any scents
we cannot go on like this, time to find splendour in the ruins
for even they represent the beauty that once was
for even the pastor blesses the grave before dust rests upon dust
tell me the hate we have is enough for us not to kill each other
for even when we eradicate those different, we shall find differences between us
tell me God is watching and will deliver us even from this
yes, He is watching and will teach us how to love and be at peace again
Reply Wed 30 Aug, 2017 04:46 pm
so much to remember, so much to forget
to live just another day, we drown who we once were
recalled you too often, your image faded
memories gallop at the whisper of the morning sun
words are easy, voices are hard, faces are harder
I still smile at the thought of your 'giggle'
made friends like you, I didn't notice
I switch the lights off and pretend they are you, it gives me life
the dawn comes, they are not you, it's a sad life
it's your hands I miss the most, it's crazy
Babylon fell, Rome fell, your touch was greater
hand written letters, I called you 'old-school'
I still hate the irritating things you did, you won, we were too different
I find myself caught in your habits, you made me like you.. it makes me smile
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