Anyone who doesn't vote Obama is a...

Thu 8 May, 2008 02:30 pm
Don't you gotta' love somebody who can call someone else a racist after publishing something like this?

Zippo wrote:
The Adolf Hitler doll which comes with a change of clothes - and a spare head with a kind face

An action-man style doll of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler has gone on sale in the Ukraine, with saleswomen comparing the doll to Barbie.

Supermarkets in the capital Kiev are stocking the 40 centimetre high figure of the fuhrer, complete with jackboots, leather trench-coat and swastika armband.

The £100 figure has a spare head "with a kind expression on it," glasses and several changes of clothes.


Accessories: The Hitler doll comes complete with uniform, cap, boots and belt

It comes in a presentation box with the dates of Hitler's birth and death on it.

The decision to market the figure comes at a time of growing extreme right political sentiment in Ukraine.

There are also reports of increasing xenophobia and racism, and of some extremists supporting racism similar to that of Nazi Germany under Hitler.

Critics believe a cult of Hitler could spring up among disaffected youths, too young to remember the ravages Nazism wreaked on the country.

Around three million people died as a result of the Nazi occupation of the Ukraine, including 1.5 million Jews.

Hitler wanted to turn the country into a buffer zone with Russia peopled by slave workers working for the Third Reich.

Although Ukranian laws prohibit any form of fascism or propaganda, the dolls are already on sale and will be mass marketed this summer.

One saleswoman said: "It is like Barbie. Kids can undress fuhrer, pin on medals and there's a spare head in the kit to give him a kinder expression on his face.

"He has glasses that are round, in the manner of pacifist Jon Lennon".


All weather: The doll is equipped for all conditions

The doll will also come with accessories like a miniature Blondi, Hitler's faithful Alsatian who died alongside the Nazi in his bunker in Berlin in 1945.

The doll is dressed in long light-brown cloak, military uniform and jackboots.

According to the saleswoman, should the demand be high, manufacturers will go further and launch a series of themed Third Reich toys, including interiors of Hitler's chancellery, toy concentration camps with barbed wire, barracks and operating models of gas chambers and crematoriums.


I have just placed an online order... Laughing
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Thu 8 May, 2008 03:51 pm
doglover wrote:
shewolfnm wrote:
a hot and spicy ankle biter Laughing

Yeah, but he could work his way UP! :wink: Embarrassed

Make sure he shows you proof that he has been vaccinated first.
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Fri 9 May, 2008 03:23 pm
Considering that so many Republicans won't vote for Obama, how can anyone think that that correlates to racism? I say that in context of so many Republicans that won't vote for Obama would likely vote for Condaleeza Rice or General Colin Powell.

Taking our troops out of Iraq is not taking them out of harm's way. It's not utilizing them for the purpose that they joined the U.S. mililtary. Call me crazy, but the military either spends its days training for combat, or is in combat. There's no such thing as training for peace, or being in a peace zone or field of peace. Oxymoronic.

By the way, there will be plenty of Hillary supporters that won't vote for Obama, and not because of his race, but because they just wanted Hillary, and won't settle for an Obooby prize, so to speak.

Finally, since Obama would tentatively have direct talks with Iran's President (I get tongue tied pronouncing his name), there are many U.S. citizens that were adults when there was the American hostage situation there in 1979. That still leaves a bitter feeling for many Americans. The reality is that some people just don't care for the policies that Obama would bring into his administration.
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Fri 9 May, 2008 04:39 pm

By the way, there will be plenty of Hillary supporters that won't vote for Obama, and not because of his race, but because they just wanted Hillary, and won't settle for an Obooby prize, so to speak.

Less then the number of Republicans who will not vote for McCain. Remember all those people who swore not to?

And let us not forget about Ron Paul. That's 10% of the Republican party for McCain GONE, right there.

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Victor Murphy
Mon 8 Mar, 2010 05:50 pm
Barack The Magic Negro
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