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Dear Try, you are a blessing yourself.

Though I do firstly, actually, believe in God, well not entirely what the Bible says, I refuse to read it though I can see what people write, the alternative you suggested, if I was single? Wink

I think our darling Danny knows that he has to eat even more, get his strength up. I think his ice-coffee (tut tut) is not enough for breakfast and lunch, though I guess a banana helps. I think he's spoilt rotten I mean daily meals bought in by his wife? But, then again, you should see those two together, like one. Everyone's dream of a happy marriage. And, he loves her food. I know he got my message about chasing him around the room on my broomstick if he does not eat more... I know he laughed. It was so wonderful to read those few lines and I can't wait for him to get back and do that more often.. I know this is a struggle for him but I know he will and continues to fight.

I have no doubt, all the letters, notes, pictures he got a few weeks ago, are constantly in his heart and mind.

Our Boson is one of the most toughest I have ever met. He shows inspiration to us all of what fighting is about what a year. And, Anna and Danny show what true love is all about, what a couple.

"Those that believe they can and really believe, can and will" . I don't recall where I read that but one day, 20 years ago I used this and continue to do so, as one of my sayings.

If you believe in putting it out there into the Universe and believing what you are putting out there, really believing, it will come true.

We put it out there for him to fight and it came true.

Put it out there into the Universe " Hey Dutchy, pftttttttttt EAT more" actually he would laugh at that line, let alone know I said pfttttttttt perhaps I need a better one?

What he doesn't realise is he's bought people closer to each other. Now that in itself is a miracle .

And, so I go on.... believing.

And, Try. You are 100% correct and be assured if Anna can not find a way with the Australian assistance we have here and we do have it and she is checking everything, then she won't make himself or herself un-safe but I do pray that he starts to now gain strength and can go home "soon"... I point out that he was in a Coma for 3 months, it took another 3 to move, miracles do happen.

Much love .
Reply Tue 25 Feb, 2014 06:42 pm


Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2014 09:23 am
Thank you so much FoundSoul! for all the wide smiles you give with that post! Prayers answered! Proud of the Bosun Smile
Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2014 03:57 pm
Ah Verb, whilst there I shall remind him of your biscuit if he is bright enough to talk and listen Smile

Taking away some boredom I hope, helps him along further.

I'll be sure to send "your" love (everyone), as you know. I think I wrote on FW, "my" Wink

Prayers keep going Verb, there are still hurdles to jump but I think we are all proud of his determination, will and desire..

Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2014 04:01 pm
We are very proud of our Danny - a great guy. Hopes and prayers go out to Danny and Anna - posivibes from across the oceans. Very Happy
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Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 07:44 am
Tryagain wrote:


Roger that!

Dear Crew

Further news of our Danny Boy.

I had a long chat with Anna yesterday...

and then I spoke to Danny in hospital. Very Happy

Gosh, just soooooo good to hear him...and though a tad breathless, he sounded absolutely fabulous!

Danny and his family have made the decision for him to go into a high-care nursing home and this is completely the right decision for both Danny and Anna. Danny’s got this sorted in his head, He's able to talk about it rationally and is onboard and understands why it has to happen this way AND he has taken control of the joint decision with Anna; Danny’s taking control of his life... It's not the ideal solution, but he and Anna made this decision together and it’s the right decison.

They’ve shed many tears but are now positive this is the way forward. It will take quite a while to organise this (mainly due to the dialysis specialisation) so Danny will remain in hospital until they find a suitable place and meantime, he continues to eat Anna’s food (prawns and rice as tomorrows treat) and gains a little more strength. He’s not able to walk but he is sitting in a chair.

Danny’s son is researching the availability of top-notch nursing units – with the dialysis requirement it will need a specialised nursing unit but this will give Danny 24/7 care and Anna and all his family will be able to visit with him and when able, will take him out and he will be able to pop home occasionally.

How very much Danny loves his wife to help her with this decision and how very much she loves him to have been able to make this decision in his best interests. They’ve been together for 56 years... unconditional love – no greater gift.

He is hoping to be able to pick up his laptop sometime in the future but for now he needs to concentrate on his healing and he’s still very tired and sleepy. He knows that y’all are thinking of him and is so grateful for everyone’s support and love. He also knows what I am writing here and wishes for y’all to be informed of his progress.

He realises too what his family and friends went through a couple weeks ago when they were asked to prepare themselves, he knows how very poorly he was... Danny has made such incredible progress and though he’s not able to go home and live, he will still have his family and friends around him and be given the very best care.

On Wednesday next, the whole family will again meet and be present at an assessment of needs with the social worker, hospital folk etc and any further arrangements and decisions will take place then.

I simply can’t tell you how wonderful it was to hear his voice. Two weeks ago was such a difficult day for many and this turnaround is quite miraculous.

Danny is able to read just a little so please do keep talking to him onboard – he’s not able to reply or answer PM’s/emails at this point but he does want you all to know that he hopes to be able2 jump back on the threads in the future – no timescale. If anyone would like to send Danny anything, Found Soul is happy to print it off and can post or hand deliver it.

How amazing to be able to talk of Danny in this way... <big smile> and to be able to talk to him and hopefully he will be able to read along. Love you Danny Boy. x

Now, I know that KP went and visited the Bosun today and spent a good hour with him and family and then took Anna home - she has lots of news to tell you Wink Thanku KP for giving him hugs from us.

Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 07:46 am
testing, testing

Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 08:13 am
Loud and clear Didge, good to see ya! Mr. Green
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Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 08:29 am
Such a hard decision for Danny and Anna to take, but such a wise one. It won't be easy for either of them after so many years together but, as you say, the family can visit, he can go on outings, and even pop home occasionally. With Danny's great sense of humour, which Anna shares, I'm sure they'll manage to cope with any negatives and make the whole thing into a big adventure. Danny won't let it get him down - that I'm sure of.

Hard now to believe that two weeks ago we heard such bleak news of Danny's health - but I doubt if any of us are really totally surprised that he rallied round and made such a big come-back. The very fact that he has met with Foundy and talked with you on the phone is heartening!

Take it easy Danny, rest, eat well, do as you are told, and don't boss the nurses round - we want to see you back here when you are fit and well. Love to you, Anna and the family.
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Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 02:03 pm
A nursing facility does seem to be the best option, even if not the most preferred one. I have no doubt that Danny will easily make some new friends wherever he is, and his A2K friends will always be as close as his laptop.

What's important is that he's improved enough to be able to leave the hospital. And that's good news. I know we'll try to help him make the transition to his new living situation, just as soon as he's able to get back online.

Meanwhile, this is for Dutchy...

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Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 03:35 pm
And I thought I'd get away with you telling them Smile

Actually I forgot Izzie, the first thing he told me was " Izzie phone me !!"

So, yes, I visited Danny and Anna at the hospital yesterday in the afternoon after calling her to find out what time she was going to go down. His sister and her husband turned up at the end and we all had such a laugh.

Danny was bright and bubbly the whole time. He was sitting in his chair. He talked the whole time.. A few little coughs here and there, rugged up nice and warm.. Refused to drink some energy drink, even though two nurses asked what he had, had for liquids. He just held up his feel good Ice Coffee and said "I'm the boss, this is it".. Anna and I just smiled and Anna said "What? You think I can make him? " Danny said " you know I'm the boss don't you?" Smile

I bought them both a Danish apple strudel and Danny went pftttttt to his lunch which we are not sure what it was, it didn’t look that good and they both ate the Danish.. and loved it.

Anna still has the chore of cooking for him BUT, every second night, she said no need to spoil him. He is receiving garlic prawns and rice tonight and off course, couldn't help himself but tell me what he was going to eat.. Danny and his food.

We had a chat about the Nursing Home. Danny bought it up. I was able to tell the tales of my ex-husband Nan and the times I visited and how she loved certain people there, ate with them, each visited each others rooms, of those that made friends. That here in Australia, they are more like old Hotel Rooms, most have a sliding door to outside so you can sit outside. Dinner is usually 3 courses and you can choose who you sit with.. Good friends were made and you have your own room. He has his eye on a Danish Nursing Home wonder why? (Food) He was “more than ok” honestly about this, we talked about if he fell etc. $80k a year ? If he was at home with 24/7? What is Australia thinking.

But, also, he told us that the Doctors aren't convinced that he won't walk, so they are still doing their thing. I told Danny to wriggle his toes and foot daily a few times, well that was a fight.. Anna just laughed, "he won't listen to you, oh wait, if you tell him you will fly around the room on your broomstick he might"... She is such a character. But, I hope he does, I told him he has nothing to lose...

Then he talked about A2K.. for ages, everyone. He's lurked a bit so that's good. Actually, Anna asked "Are they all female?" Wink Danny then went into other names, Sturgis, Spendius & Try, he really loves reading Try's Posts Smile And, I explained there are a lot of guys here but mainly in religion or politics not so much in Crosswords or Games. As Izzie stated, he will come back when he's able 2 you know...

Anna cut out a Grumpy Old Man note from the Advertiser, it’s stuck on his TV. We all giggled.

Actually we laughed a lot today all of us.

I took Anna home had a cig with her (shhh) and a chat about anything and everything for 30 minutes.

Danny told Anna he has $600 saved and she has to take me to dinner and play the pokies lols. $20 for the pokies for FS.. I forgot Izzie, he also said he wish he could do the same for you, with us all.

And I told Danny he owes you a lot of money.

He was in high spirits, I gave him a huge hug at the beginning and end, and kiss at the end and wiped the lipstick off hehe. Well as typical Danny, big smile . But Anna knows that.. She is one heck of a lady.

Ok that's it.. But definitely if you wish to send things, I have already told him, plus photos Smile
Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 04:10 pm
It sounds as if you really brightened the day for Danny and Anna with your visit, Foundy. Well done Laughing

Great news that Danny is feeling so much better. Things are certainly looking brighter now. It won't be too long before he's tapping away again on that jewelled mouse you once bought for him Laughing
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Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 04:13 pm
Smart decision, to me. I'm happy about your improved energy and all the visiting, Danny. I'm sending you a virtual torta de mele while I'm making one in my kitchen as we speak - here's an online photo:


I think you'll need some very good ice cream with that too.. flavor of your choice.
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Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 04:17 pm
Reply Fri 28 Feb, 2014 04:49 pm
Danny, I'm so glad you have taken the nursing home decision. That's the place where they have the equipment and the staff to get you back on your feet. I know why it can be an object of horror, but they are not all like that.

With your guts and determination, and their 24 hour support, life can be good, and improving all the time.

I wish you would indulge me and take a good multi, once a day. The best diet isn't always balanced, and you NEED your vitamins and minerals so that your body has the building blocks to heal and grow back to strength. (Plus, I strongly suspect you don't eat your vegies. Smack your wrist!) (You're very wise to eschew hospital food. There's no goodness in it, anyway.)

I can't tell you how good it is to see you on the upturn. My love to you both. You married an amazing woman, you amazing man.
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Reply Sat 1 Mar, 2014 01:34 pm
Seems like Danny has made a wise decision for himself and with his loved ones in mind as well. Look forward to his settling in at his new headquarters and joining us here again, along with telling of his new adventures.
Extremely happy that he has made such recovery in the days since the medicals were trying to write him off. Just proves again, he truly is The Boss!

Thanks to FS and Izzie for all they been doing and others that have kept us aware of what is going on.
Reply Sat 1 Mar, 2014 06:54 pm
To all my dear a2k crew and friends, thank you all for your messages of support and PM'S, they mean a lot to me Really overwhelming.

Thanks to Izzie and Found Soul you are aware of my present circumstances and presented them here, I can tell you it was a difficult decision, however we all feel it is the best one as I need 24 hours a day attention which is to much for my dear wife.

Once I settle down in my new surroundings I hope to rejoin a2k and play the threads. Pretty exhausted at the moment.

Needless to say I had a superb Friday with a long phone call from the Captain followed by a visit from the lovely Foundy who brought me a Danish apple strudel ad spent quite some time with me and my wife. Love you both xxx

To all members waves from downunder

The Bosun
Reply Sat 1 Mar, 2014 08:03 pm
Ahoy, Dutchy!

You had us all worried and doing fire drills and man-overboard rescue practice. Foundry told us you were just napping up in the crow's nest and Anna would lure you down with her home cooking. Really great to see that it worked!


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Reply Sat 1 Mar, 2014 08:23 pm
Very Happy

Big smiles to see you posting again, D.

Rest up. The word games await your return.
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Reply Sat 1 Mar, 2014 09:46 pm
Hot damn!

In your honor, we're having fish tonight.

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