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OGIONIK wrote:
by this definition? they could be,
depending on the parents.

During MY childhood, I got free food n shelter,
came n went as I chose, unchallenged.
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For that free meal they have given up their independence, their dreams, and their dignity.

Their children become cannon fodder, pimps and prostitutes. The larger society has uses for these but lacks the spine to admit it.

That price is too high for most of us, so instead of a perpetual bureaucratically controlled vacation we work.

But we have a well entrenched Department of Health, Education, and Welfare which is staffed by well paid professionals who do not wish to lose their positions, their toys, or their powers. Not to mention the Pentagon, and Foggy Bottom. (euphemisms for Defense Department and State Department in the U.S.)

Idea The poor are merely a tool that the various welfare departments use to maintain their position.

So there is no free lunch. But kind of like the hidden taxes that we all pay, often the price is concealed from those who must pay it.

You don't blame the hammer if your house falls down Exclamation You don't blame the slave for slavery Exclamation You don't blame the soldiers for the war Exclamation Why do you blame the bums for the failings of society Question

The military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about is here. Also the poverty-welfare complex and the war-diplomacy complex. Sad
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