Is This A Proper Act of Friendship ?

Reply Fri 10 Aug, 2007 07:17 pm
ehBeth wrote:
OmSigDAVID wrote:
ehBeth wrote:
Too little, too late.

You're a sad excuse for a friend, David.

Goodness !

I must be a terrible person, Beth.


I don't think you're terrible (based on this example),
but I think a good friend would have done something before the woman living with you got into such a mess - especially with a child involved.

Where did I go rong ?

The reason that I invited her in
was that she was in a mess
having lost her job n her condo,
she moved into an expensive hotel,
as the last of her material resources drained away.


I think you showed a distinct lack of caring about the woman and her child.

How 'd YOU have handled it ?

Money and a roof over a head are things a stranger can provide.

Caring, and intervention, they take love and friendship and courage.

As far as the caring and intervention,
I believe that she thought that I already gave her too much advice
over the fone.
I had promoted the idea that she shud not just stay home, inactively,
while her financial resources were draining out, and the sheriff was at the door.

( I had advocated that she acquire a source of revenue. )
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Reply Fri 10 Aug, 2007 09:22 pm
After Marilyn calmed down,
little Nancy ( around 4 years old )
piped up with something like, approximately:
" we are going to the crack house "
implying that I shud not interfere with their departure.

Responding to her,
I sat with her and had a gentle conversation,
softly explaining the occasional negative effects on health and longevity
of crack use, overdoses, and the results of addiction.

Marilyn sat there silently.
She later told me that she liked having me give Nancy an anti-drug talk.
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Reply Sat 11 Aug, 2007 01:52 am
It looks like you tried very hard to help her out and possibly try to see life a little differently than in a destructive way. You can't force her to stop taking drugs but you can stop her from endangering her child and that's exactly what you did.
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Reply Sat 11 Aug, 2007 04:37 am
she is free of any addiction, now,
except tobacco.

Cute pooch.
I like his taste in clothing
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