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Hello Able2Know Members

My name is William. Really, that is my name and it is nice to meet you. You are reading this because you wish to get to know more about me. You will get to know more about me as we discuss things in this forum of Earthlings. I can only hope that you can hear what I have to offer. There is a lot of noise out there.

It is a rewarding activity to get to know one another. We have been fighting each other long enough don’t you think? What is it we have be fighting about? When push comes to shove, when any two of us are threatened we seem to bond together and help each other fight that which threatens us. Have you ever considered what it would be like if we realized there was nothing out there to be afraid of? Nothing!

For the first time in our history we are able to communicate with each other on a global basis in a global forum we call the internet, the world wide free communications system. We are sitting down for the first time in a effort to find that peace of mind we all wish to have. We need to have that and if you just knew what that is, that peace, you would want to have it.

The wonderful thing is you can and it is absolutely free of charge and the reason most don’t have it is because they don’t have the resources it takes to pay for it and the sad thing about it is they do. Unforutnately those who have taken more than they need don’t think so and they have been trained and told to sell what they have. We don’t know what giving something away we don’t need means and the reward that comes from that giving. When you know that then you will know what love means.

It seems we are giving now in this domain and it’s a pleasure to be a part of it. There’s no telling where it will lead. So don’t tell another, please offer what is on your mind and eventually we will help each other find that balance that is so important as we level out to the point no one carries a heavy load. Then every one will know what peace can offer to that mind. Then we will all know what the phrase means when someone says “I wish you were here”. That peace of mind is a great place to be.

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