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One Hell of a Mess

The paradoxes of this reality are many. Earning a living?
How many people would be out of work if we did solve all our problems? Think about it. Breaking those ten commandments keeps many people sitting high on the hog.

No more deadly sins? Hmm... Would that stem “cash flow”? No more killing, no more stealing, no more National Enquirer, ha! Many say they hate evil; ha, without it, they would be unemployed. Is that a paradox or what!?

Hell many get off and find it morosely thrilling to witness bad things happen to other people.

That guy that picks up your trash you take out to the curb..................out of work. Newspaper reporters would no longer no what a “scoop” was.
Preachers and counselors and lawyers and judges and don’t forget politicians and leaders. Just as we think we have a problem solved here comes one who has to stir the proverbial pot.

Here’s my list again. Can these problems be solved?

Heart Disease
Drug abuse
Child abuse
Wife abuse
Manic Depression
The common cold

Just think of all the money that is being made by taking advantage of these imposed frailties. Yes, I said imposed. They sure as hell are not natural by any stretch of the imagination.

Do we need a messiah? Are we in that much trouble? Check out the drugs in your pocket or your medicine cabinet or hidden in your closet?
Are you up to date on your insurance payments for stuff that hasn’t happened yet? Do you look forward to tomorrow or do you dread the thought of it? Ah, to sleep; if you can with out a little white pill to help you do just that. Don’t forget that upper in the morning, that caffeine, that sugar boost, that hit of meth or coke or what ever it is to get you going?

DRT; distance, rate and time? Yes, we surely want to go the distance but do we have to race to get there? What in the hell is the rush? I never could figure that one out. You have to slow down to catch up to me. I know many don’t realize what that means, but it means a lot. I’ve been to hell and back in my life and my only reason for life now it to help save you the trip.

I thank God every day that I was never rich. God what brainless people they are playing their status games. I have always known what enough is. I never wanted or needed more. Does that sound odd to you?

Arjuna ask what does good mean and what the definition of a good person is? For one to think they are a good person they have to compare themselves to another they think is bad as if that other person was born that way without giving reason as to why they are the way they are.

It’s difficult to know what good is when better and best are in the mix. Oh, and don’t forget worst? Ha, can’t forget that one. Just who is the worst among us. Is he rich or is he poor? Or for that matter, let’s turn in around; is the best of us rich or poor?

As long as we deem to profit from the frailties of humanity we will never know what good is. We will always we caught in a circularity or what Nietzsche called the eternal reoccurrence.

Who was the legendary progenitor? Perhaps we will never know. That first male that first female making contact that made US. I have looked at the Milky Way. Would someone tell me just who took that picture? Ha!

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Reply Fri 17 Sep, 2010 03:06 pm
Yea, I was thinking one day how awesome it would be if we had "transporters" like on Star Trek. At the time I had my own business and as my imagination travelled, it occured to me what transporters would do to my business. All my clients would be shopping in Shanghai. Oh NOooo!

-- just another way that utopia would smash somebody flat...

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