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Tue 29 Aug, 2023 09:04 pm - I am writing a fictional story about a character who is a singer/aspiring singer who has a name I really want to give her. I noticed there are a few other singers or aspiring singers with the same... (view)
Tue 29 Aug, 2023 02:55 pm - There is a saying that love isn't disrespectful. If your partner is doing anything that is making you uncomfortable then it is important that you listen to your instincts, set up clear... (view)
Fri 25 Aug, 2023 06:50 pm - I'm looking for hits from the 80's that are positive and upbeat but not overly sappy or cheesy, or that almost seem to promote toxic positivity, (e.g. Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bobby... (view)
Sun 9 Jul, 2023 03:02 pm - Did you confront your roomie on this? (view)
Fri 7 Jul, 2023 08:27 am - Clearly you were never suicidally depressed. What would you do if a "sick old person" was viciously and hatefully berating a depressed loved one you might have, stand there and watch?... (view)
Thu 6 Jul, 2023 10:02 pm - I know she isn't well but it still doesn't give her a right to take it out on people who she is conscious is already hurting. It's very difficult for me to have sympathy for her when... (view)
Wed 5 Jul, 2023 07:22 pm - I think Coconut is just joking. (view)
Wed 5 Jul, 2023 07:19 pm - I did do that multiple times but it only made matters worse. The church often uses emotional blackmailing tactics such as telling us we will burn in hell forever if we don't forgive her and... (view)
Mon 3 Jul, 2023 02:36 pm - I know a lady in her 70's from my church who frequently insults and screams at people who she knows suffer from severe mental health conditions like depression and PTSD. I notice she does this... (view)
Thu 8 Jun, 2023 05:35 pm - Is. (view)
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