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Here is a poem that I wrote:

Windy Calm NightDay

In a field of a particular type,
there is a given quantity of vegetation,
if it is growing, dying, or existing at all.
A warmcool windcalm causes an immortal cycle that ceases to be,
even before the DayNight's comings and goings begin to end anew.
Here in the place of a very precise and arbitrary time,
where events can rightly and/or wrongly be said to occur.
The Sounding Bird is found in a box consisting of no structure,
and of the Sounding Bird within or without,
we should not apply the denotation of birds and animals,
or associations that the mind has made to things and words.
But rather see blindly what is nothing and/or everything,
until the amount of time that is not known has passed
and the NightDay is here again at last.

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