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Oh, OK. I'll take the easy way out, and just "Cut-and-Paste" from Abuzz

I started out as a kid, then became a teenager.
I became a parent, then a grandparent. Now I'm
a devout, practicing curmudgeon. Some other
stuff happened inbetween, but I won't bore you
with the details. Suffice it to say I've had
varied experiences and have developed varied

My interests include: Audio/Video/HomeTheater,
Photography (conventional and digital),
Computers and the Web, Camping/RVing, NASCAR,
Flying, Hunting/Fishing, Model Railroading, Literature,
Music (with an ear toward Classic Rock),
Cooking, Politics, News/Current Events,
Philosophy, History, Rural Lifestyle, and lively
discussions, among other things.

Oh, yeah, and my dogs.
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