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Graduated in electrical engineering in 1981. Did some post graduate, but didn't finish my Masters. Operated a shop type business for 35 years. Retired in 2013. Spending my time now doing stuff that interests me. Fixing up my old house, gardening, hydroponics, container veggies, archery, swordsmanship, swap meet vending, hanging out with my old buddies, hiking, fishing, internet surfing and shopping. Pet dogs all passed away, not getting any more. Oh boy, and I need to clean up my house, junks piled all over. Tried retraining myself in karate, hopeless, overweight and too slow. Hey, got into knife throwing, lots of fun and good workout. Who wants an apple impaled on their head, oh...did I say that right?
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Fri 21 Jun, 2019 09:51 pm - You would have to experience a supernatural occurrence yourself to believe in such regardless of intelligence. I have had a run in with a ghost at a haunted spot in broad daylight. It spoke to me... (view)
Sat 15 Jun, 2019 12:22 pm - I live a sort of loner life too these days, but I have little worries. I keep myself busy with over a dozen hobbies and activities. I take impulsive fishing trips and hikes without bringing in my... (view)
Wed 12 Jun, 2019 07:52 pm - I have a HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC which I rescued from the recycling bin. It had a virus that froze the screen. I restored it to factory settings and it has been working very well for over 5... (view)
Mon 3 Jun, 2019 05:24 pm - Oblivion? The robot ships don't seem to absorb power though. It helps the human clone pilot. Would help if more info is given ( live, anime, country of origin, actors, tv, Star Wars, Star... (view)
Tue 14 May, 2019 12:45 am - Have you looked through this list?... (view)
Mon 13 May, 2019 04:25 pm - The way I see it, the trade tariff talks aren't over yet. Trump is still open to negotiations with China on this. China has been playing us for years, taking more of our money than giving... (view)
Mon 13 May, 2019 02:59 am - I'm 64. Have tried getting back into martial arts, but my hands no longer can take doing punches on mats and boards They get very sore. I practice with the katana, archery, and throwing... (view)
Sat 6 Apr, 2019 10:42 pm - My Windows 8 had some problems at loading once. I always used sleep mode to turn off. When I used shut off mode to turn off and then turn back on, everything worked right again. (view)
Sat 23 Feb, 2019 04:46 pm - Hey Yeah, enjoy your stay. I'll be fishing near the Honolulu airport tomorrow. Maybe see your plane landing. PS.. Don't mind the road rage, trigger happy policemen, and city officials... (view)
Mon 31 Dec, 2018 08:37 am - Maybe it is listed somewhere here,... (view)
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