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Fri 29 May, 2020 08:42 pm - thanks oralloy (view)
Fri 29 May, 2020 08:36 pm - thanks for the advice everyone. The police talked to me. I'm kind of overloaded. My mom talked to me for a long time. She kind of made me understand some stuff i didn't think about. My... (view)
Thu 28 May, 2020 06:16 pm - I guess the cops talked to her. Her name is Tiffani. She texted me saying that I'm ugly and that no one will believe that I didn't attack her. She told me I should probably kill myself.... (view)
Thu 28 May, 2020 02:11 pm - I told my mom about what happened. I thought she was going to be really mad. I was scared to tell her that she was 20. My mom got really mad but not at me. She called the police. I'm not even... (view)
Wed 27 May, 2020 08:52 pm - I found out my girlfriend was having sex with another guy. I have never been this sad before. I don't know what to do. She told me that I will never get another girl as pretty as her. She told... (view)
Sun 26 Apr, 2020 08:23 am - but no girl ever did all that with me before. I only ever tonge kissed with 2 girls before and felt boobs. I have seen her since and she was hugging and kissing me and stuff. She seems like she... (view)
Sun 26 Apr, 2020 08:00 am - i don't know what to say. Do you really think so? :( I thought she loves me. But why would she do that with me? You mean she was just just joking on me? You really think so? So all the stuff... (view)
Sun 26 Apr, 2020 06:47 am - hi maxdancona! She is 19 i think, or 20. She is so pretty. she is friends with my cousin. I have seen her many times before but we were alone at my cousins house. What problems should I be... (view)
Sun 26 Apr, 2020 05:30 am - I had sex for the first time a few days ago. I really like the girl and i don't want to get hurt.She is an older girl. Is there anything I should know? She has a car, I don't have a car.... (view)
Sun 23 Jun, 2019 07:47 pm - [quote]I think Neptune and Glitterbag are far more rational than you are. [/quote] How so? Can you prove it? [quote]You are pushing a load of bullshit[/quote] How? Can you prove something... (view)
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