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Tue 6 Jun, 2023 07:08 am - The additional information was vital context and I enjoyed finding out a little bit about your involvement and school of the art. (view)
Mon 5 Jun, 2023 07:37 pm - [quote]some older techniques from the original system were deemed too difficult, anachronistic, or too "Chinese" by some of the Japanese exponents of the system. They were therefor... (view)
Mon 5 Jun, 2023 03:47 am - [img],c_limit/230612_a27695_853.jpg[/img] Sweet cheeses, call me esrom - it's just been calved, pour the eiswein... (view)
Mon 5 Jun, 2023 02:47 am - I always come down half hard and half soft on questions about Uechi-Ryū Karate-Dō when it involves a slap in the face to other exponents of the art. 'They themselves', as my learned... (view)
Sat 3 Jun, 2023 08:19 am - I totally agree with you Jasper that mental health is vitally important. Control, as you have noted, may take many forms for an individual. Also, we could learn more and garner support by... (view)
Sat 3 Jun, 2023 07:56 am - (view)
Sat 3 Jun, 2023 06:55 am - [img],c_limit/230605_a27162_rd_852.jpg[/img] Kismet kermit. I'm Lily, come on over to my pad boomer. (view)
Sat 3 Jun, 2023 06:50 am - Hair loss, itchy scalp and brain oxygenation: DIY Trepanning. (view)
Fri 2 Jun, 2023 10:35 pm - Eye wandering, uncontrollable twitching, stiffness: the blue pill. (view)
Wed 20 Jul, 2022 09:41 pm - [quote]The guy that invented the umbrella was gonna call it the brella. But he hesitated.[/quote] I've furled my umbrage at that drollery. (view)
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