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Mon 7 Jun, 2021 08:34 am - Yes, yes, and yes. Now hit the board and give me 1500. (view)
Sat 20 Mar, 2021 06:53 pm - (view)
Wed 17 Feb, 2021 05:54 am - Mr Heng said, 'I hope this tranche of vouchers can bring more business to our hawkers. Singaporean's sense of unity and discipline has enabled our progress in combating the epidemic.' (view)
Tue 5 Jan, 2021 06:58 am - [quote]But I know what I can and cannot be certain of.[/quote] [quote]Atheism however is highly illogical. As far as I am concerned, they are insane.[/quote] Oh, you're gnostic. (view)
Fri 4 Dec, 2020 07:55 pm - If local products already enjoy market access then do you mean: “Government should restrict market access to local products and facilitate the production and distribution process.” (view)
Fri 4 Dec, 2020 07:49 pm - Unless the repetition is for dramatic effect, style manuals recommend that tautology (like the second 'in') should be avoided. (view)
Wed 7 Oct, 2020 06:29 pm - I know when somebody's crying, somebody's lying and somebody's trying.... (view)
Sun 6 Sep, 2020 07:22 am - A shilling and nine pence. (view)
Sat 5 Sep, 2020 07:41 pm - Miss Tan Guat Lay's interest is in British English. (view)
Sat 5 Sep, 2020 07:17 pm - You can use either "I" or "me". Dictionaries such as Merriam-Webster confirm this point. "She is taller than I am" sounds better. "Than" can be... (view)
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