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Wed 6 Feb, 2019 09:48 pm - Thank you guys for all of the advice. They've all been giving me more clarity. And thank you Chai for taking the time to write all that you did and even providing charts. I think I'd have... (view)
Thu 31 Jan, 2019 06:23 pm - Hi guys, sorry for the late response. I had just been thinking about the alternative, which would be to invest, and over a longterm period I could receive a larger return of investment. But then... (view)
Thu 27 Dec, 2018 10:13 pm - Hi chai2, thank you so much for your replies! I've been wanting to respond to the last few posts I have made over the last couple months but I have been incredibly busy since then (job... (view)
Tue 25 Dec, 2018 12:16 am - Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this; I really appreciate it!!! So I recently inherited a home in Austin (no mortgage; all paid off). I am currently living in it but I don't... (view)
Fri 14 Dec, 2018 02:33 pm - Over the summer I had started dating a guy. I’m 18 and haven’t dated much at all. I told my close family member that I was dating him- told her his name, where we initially met, and... (view)
Sun 9 Dec, 2018 11:41 pm - I'm 18 and just got my first job as a hostess at a busy restaurant, and I'm worried that I am going to be fired soon. There are two managers and two assistant managers. I had two... (view)
Sun 9 Dec, 2018 05:36 pm - I feel like there’s something wrong with me, but I don’t know what. Or maybe I’m just overthinking it? Maybe y’all can help me… At first I thought I might have... (view)
Thu 22 Nov, 2018 05:08 pm - I want to say ahead of time thank you for reading and answering this: Okay so I'm 18 and I am getting my first job soon. (I spent my HS years being a caretaker and babysitting from time to... (view)
Thu 8 Mar, 2018 11:51 am - I guess this is more of a rant than a question, but why do people online always want to be a wiseacre or correct each other?! Someone could say, "The poet loves blue skies-" and every... (view)
Fri 19 May, 2017 12:48 am - What specific views do they have? I didn't find much on the internet about their political views. (view)
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