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Wed 4 Sep, 2019 11:03 pm - The bible doesn't say God made man perfect. I guess that was just an assumption on my part that I based on God creating man and the world and declaring his creation good. Also on the fact that... (view)
Wed 4 Sep, 2019 08:15 am - The OP seems to want to blame God for not making people perfect, but if I read my bible right he did create them perfect. Is the OP then blaming God for giving people free will to choose what they... (view)
Fri 26 Apr, 2019 06:04 pm - Psa 49 7 None of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him: The bible says no one is perfect. It says we are all sinners. The bible says the wages of sin is... (view)
Wed 24 Apr, 2019 06:31 pm - So you say I believe a lie. Well I guess we disagree on that. I do believe that when we die those redeemed by Christ go to heaven (and it is nothing like you describe). You seem to be making... (view)
Fri 19 Apr, 2019 05:15 am - Are you happy to know you will die? I doubt christians are "happy" to know they will die. They are happy because they know they will go to heaven. Death is not an end. Happy Easter. (view)
Fri 19 Apr, 2019 05:10 am - "What if we found a way to modify ourselves in this present existence so that we no longer experienced boredom as a negative sensation?" Good luck with that. I suppose you could say... (view)
Tue 16 Apr, 2019 04:42 am - Ciccerone I decided to read my bible because it had been a "best seller" for hundreds of years. I wanted to know what was in it that made it so popular. Like you, it seemed to me... (view)
Sat 16 Mar, 2019 04:45 am - The Young Turks... who are they? We need to know. (view)
Mon 24 Dec, 2018 02:31 am - I believe Jesus appeared on earth 2000 years ago. I think the christian God has been historically referenced long before then. The article you listed does show similarities between the Egyptian... (view)
Sun 23 Dec, 2018 05:56 pm - Cicerone, Can you completely deny the possiblity of the existence of God? Most people would be hard pressed to even explain their own existence. (view)
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