Pop culture train wrecks

Reply Fri 16 Feb, 2007 08:55 pm
I had a real stick a fork in me day today. I was totally kaput. In the brief time I had to actually sit down I made a mistake -- I turned on the TV, something I rarely do.

I came across a show on MTV called "Parental Controls" and MTV seemed to be having a marathon of these shows. As much as I wanted to look away, I couldn't.

The way the show works is that parents who hate their daughter's boyfriend pick out two blind dates for her out of a pool of guys. While the girl is out on the dates the boyfriend sits with the parents and watches the date on TV.

What killed me was not only how rude/crude the boyfriend was to the parents but that the parents dished it out equally bad.

I grew up in a pretty relaxed, most anything goes family but if any boyfriend I ever had talked to my parents that way I would never see him again.

And if my parents had talked to my boyfriends that way I guess I wouldn't be seeing much of them either.

This show was a total pop culture train wreck so of course I watched several episodes and I kind of hate myself for it.

What lurid thing has caught your attention lately?
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Reply Fri 16 Feb, 2007 09:10 pm
Yeah, MTV has some pretty wacky shows, although the parent/boyfriend
show is totally staged - it must be, as they use always similar phrases.

Another wacky one is the show "Beauty and Nerds" where beautiful girls
who are mentally challenged are teamed up with brainy nerds.
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Reply Fri 16 Feb, 2007 09:15 pm
I did notice some similar phrasing from episode to episode but still....

They said really nasty things about each other and the guys said some really nasty things about their "girlfriends" too. And the reject guys, who came across as all clean cut all American said nasty things too.

Everyone was just nasty -- except for the girls themselves.

It was weird!

So on this nerd show -- do these brainy guys actually want to date this girl? Is she the "prize"?
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Reply Fri 16 Feb, 2007 09:20 pm
No, the nerds are paired off with the beautiful dingbats and every day
there are certain challenges they have to compete in. I've seen it only
twice, but in these episodes the girls had to figure out a science project
and change a tire while the nerds were at a mall and needed to chat up girls to get their phone number.
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Reply Fri 16 Feb, 2007 09:22 pm
Actually it's called "Beauty and the Geek"

The mayhem begins with 7 gorgeous babes and 7 complete goobers moving into a lavish mansion in the LA hills. After a brief move in, the host (Brian McFadden) explains the first challenge. The men must learn how to dance and will be judged on who is the best. Meanwhile the ladies must engage in a middle-school level trivia game. The men train the women for their test likewise the women teach the men to dance.

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Reply Sat 17 Feb, 2007 08:40 am
Just reading these few posts , I feel ten times better about my decision for no tv.

We have not even had local channels for almost 3 years now.

But I have gone to friends houses, and been trapped too, in front of the TV watching something horrible.
Last thing i saw was the dating show where something like 12 women, were in a house with one man. He was supposed to be a millionaire, and all these women were making fools of themselves to impress him for his money.

I never saw the end, but I could tell he wasnt really rich, and most of those women, didnt really give a ****.

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Reply Sat 17 Feb, 2007 09:45 am
Beauty and the geek might actually teach the participants something but why in the world would they want to do it on national TV?

Was that "Who wants to marry a millionaire" shewolf? I remember hearing about that show but I never saw it.

Fridays Mo and I always go out to a certain pizza place for lunch. Yesterday they had a TV tuned to FOX news and it was all Anna Nicole the entire hour we were there.

Surely that counts as a pop culture train wreck.

I like to watch Survivor but that is the only reality type show I've ever watched. This Parental Control show was really pretty fascinating in a weird way. I really have to wonder why people would sign their daughters up for it. Strange.
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Reply Sat 17 Feb, 2007 09:51 am
When I first saw the title of this thread, all I wanted to do was post about Anna.

Pop culture train wreck indeed. In the worst of ways.
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Reply Sat 17 Feb, 2007 10:01 am
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