Worst film ever?

Reply Mon 7 May, 2007 11:07 pm
Can't agree. "300" is a good movie ... not much on plot, but entertaining.

The worst movie of all time is "Yentl." If you've seen it, you know why.
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The Mighty Celestial
Reply Wed 28 May, 2008 06:52 pm
I wouldn't what the worst film is, but the worst ones that I saw in theatres would be ( oh, & except for #5, I walked out of all of 'em):

5. Candyman 2 - Y'know, when it comes to bad movies, my mind mind doesn't retain too much memory fot them. I honestly can't remember a single shot of this movie. I just remember not leaving the theatre b'cuz I was on a date at the time & we were watching this at her suggestion.
And I didn't want to be rude. Or maybe I just didn't want to lessen my chances of getting laid that night by criticizing her choice of film to see.
Or those two things the same thing?
And I can't even remember if I did end up gettin' any that night.
Forgettable movie, forgettable date, why am I still writing about it?

4. One of those goddamn Freddy Kruger movies - I think that the quality was bad enough that it caused my brain to forget most of it, to the point that I can't remember which one it was. All I remember is that it was one of the sequels and that one of the blood vessels in my eyes popped because I wouldn't listen to it's silent yet violent twitching cries for mercy.

3. Battlefield Earth - I genuinely wanted to die during this movie.

2. Graphitti Bridge - Oh lord....

1. Thorr The Barbarian - The fact that it was spelled with 2 'r's should've been a tip off.
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Reply Thu 3 Jul, 2008 05:17 am
Not the worst movie I've ever seen, but "End of Days" was the worst movie I've seen in quite a while. I try to avoid movies that sound bad, I'm not a big Schwarzenegger fan, and I'm not a big fan of action flicks.

So, why did I watch this one? I like Gabriel Byrne and was curious to see him as Satan. He was passable in this one, but his Irish-Brooklynese accent was rather peculiar and disconcerting. He seemed to continually shift from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

Arnold, on the other hand, was just plain bad, acting-wise. Playing a real human character, suffering emotional pain, is beyond him. He should stick to stunts--those he did well.

I found the flamboyant special effects (mainly explosions and fire) too over the top, essentially repetitive, and, in the end, boring. The plot was flimsy, the direction heavy handed, and true horror/suspense was almost totally lacking (did anyone actually think Arnold would lose this battle?).

The best I can say for this one is that it didn't put me to sleep. I also found it quite funny at times. When Schwarzenegger picks up his REALLY BIG bullets, I laughed out loud because it seemed so campy. The dialogue also elicted more than a few chuckles. They should have done this one as a straight-out parody, that might have been really good fun.
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Reply Thu 3 Jul, 2008 06:10 am
The worst movie that sticks out in my mind is Legends of the Fall. Not so much for the acting but for the pathos. Good grief, it was the longest damn movie ever and everything that happened in it was BAD...I was exhausted by 3/4 through...and then I was mad the rest of the time. I was never so happy to leave a movie theater.

I liked Kill Bill...volume one and two...laughed my head off. It was supposed to be like that wasn't it?
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Reply Fri 11 Jul, 2008 01:39 am
I too enjoyed the Kill Bill series for entertainment value, I could see how people could rate it down if their emphasis was on realism. But you have to be realistic, its a Quentin Tarantino film with a scene where a solo warrior takes on 200 others reminiscent of the previous generation of Kung Fu films ( Bruce Lee in the famed Fists of Fury dojo fight ).

Personally I enjoyed Kill Bill, there is definatly FAR worse out there.

300 . . .

I have to laugh, the first time I saw 300, I was expecting an emphasis on realism. The Oracle scene struck me first, so I put it down to artistic license. By the time the demonlike creatures started pouring toward the Spartan defenders I had fully realised that this film was definatly not realistic. Boy was I dissapointed.

The second time I watched it, I watched it like a mythological tale. As in, how would have that valiant defence been portrayed 500 or so years down the track by the spartans to thier children. And suddenly it became clear that that was the full intention of the film. Not realism, but a tale distant from its actual origins as told in folklore and mythological portrail.

Theres far to many shite movies to duduce them down to a pinnicle of mind numbingly lame, thrown together horse manure look alike.

Blair witch . . . shite
End of Days . . shite
... the list goes on.
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Reply Fri 25 Jul, 2008 03:10 am
there is only one good thing about 'Transformers'...Megan Fox

the rest is pure unadulterated pain!
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