What inspired you to write...discuss

detano inipo
Reply Sun 5 Nov, 2006 08:34 am
OK aidan, here is another one, just for you.
Cuban Affairs.
In the winter of 1989 I went to Cuba for three weeks to charge my battery. Our beach club was located on the Bay of Pigs and consisted of small huts for one or two persons. This was the place where in 1961 a group of US-backed Cubans landed in an attempt to overthrow the Castro regime. US intelligence had told them that all Cubans would come to their aid and their noble fight would end in victory. President Kennedy refused air support and the landing was a total disaster.

My one-room cabin was ample but primitive. The communal dining room in the main building was large and the food was good. There was a bar and a pool and the beach was beautiful. Most of the guests were from Montreal, only a few spoke English.
I made friends with a South African couple and their lady friend, all three forty-something. They had been in Quebec for years and spoke fluent French. I tried my best to charm the unattached one. We got to first base but she was not in the mood for a home run. We had fun together and later back home we had a short-lived friendship. But that's another story.
A cute threesome lived in the hut next door and we hung out together. They were twenty-something office workers: two sisters and the husband of the older one. The young one was very blond and quite beautiful. She had a wistful and innocent air about her and was obviously lonely.
I quickly overcame my desire to flirt with her and we had some good conversations. She was very sweet and helpful about my imperfect French. This is a good time to talk about those who correct my linguistic mistakes. I hope they realize how thankful I am. The lady who was my friend in Quebec for fifteen years never corrected my broken French. She was polite but that did not help me at all. In spite of that I stayed with her because we fit like a pair of gloves.
Another person I talked to was a smooth Cuban official, who loved to show off his French and English. He was young and handsome. His job was to make all visitors comfortable. We talked about Cuba and Canada, socialism and capitalism. He was open to all opinions but I could tell that behind that smile was a rock solid supporter of Fidel.
A group of Soviet officers arrived and stayed for a few days. One of them must have been a champion swimmer in his younger years. When he swam laps in the pool everyone just stared in disbelief.
The crew of a Swedish destroyer came for a visit and a meal. One young officer wanted to show off by swimming under water. He challenged the others to do better. He did 3/4 of a length and stood in the shallow end bowing to the applause. In the meantime 62-year-old Stanley ambled to the deep end and dove in. I swam past the poor guys legs and finished the whole length of the pool. The laughter mingled with cheers and he was forced to shake my hand. That was one of my better days.
One evening a big outdoor dance party was organized and there was a lot of drinking and laughing. My pretty blonde told me that she was crazy about the handsome Cuban. I took her hand, went over to him and introduced the two. They spent the evening together.
The next day at the beach she told me just how serious she was about him. She even mentioned coming back to make it permanent. She left a week before me. Just as I thought, he was fooling around with another girl and I even saw him with one of the gay men from Montreal. I sincerely hope that Blondie got over him without suffering too much.

All good things have to end eventually and on the flight home we experienced the hardship of a Russian airplane.

In retrospect, it was a good holiday.
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Reply Sun 5 Nov, 2006 08:50 am
Yep, interesting was the right word I think. Sounds like you had a lot of fun too.
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Reply Wed 3 Sep, 2008 03:51 am
lostnsearching wrote:
all these are some very interesting stories...(within themselves)
i remember i always wanted to be a good writer since i was about 6 or 7 yrs old but the only problem was i couldn't even imagine... yep that's right!
i read many books... but didn't get a single word, again: i couldn't imagine at all. so as i was loosing hope some one... i knew for like 10 minutes only asked me what my hobby was and i said i liked to read...no admitting that it was worthless...
she asked me if i had read Harry Potter and i replied i was on the process...which was a white lie. Harry potter had come in the picture those days and had become extremely popular...everyone loved it and so i got totally pissed off. i was like" what's so great about HP" then i decided to read it...
i don't know if you'll believe this but it opened my mundane mind and made it an imaginative lala land. I loved and as i kept reading through all the installations i began plotting my own stories... but never wrote them.
later i became more observant and last year...mainly last october i started writing poems...that's when i started really experiencing my depressing teenage life(i guess i was 13 and a half then)...
but i think i wrote this really stupid song in school during my economics class(the class which bores the hell out of me) and my friend read it and she liked it and i got a little motivated and then i started writing more and ... so goes my story.
but this friend i just mentioned has been very motivating, she'd be the first one to read my work and she appreciated it and that made me write more and more.. i guess she was my only reader till now! But i still believe her original work is much more well-put then mines but i'm still practicing...

enough about me!
p.s this got a bit too long didn't it?

How i miss lostnsearching. I hope she is safe out there in Pakistan.
She inspired so many people when she was around - but she did more than just inspire me - she gave me hope for the future. If i was a godly man i'd ask god to keep that kid safe - but looking at the dates i see she must be all of sixteen now and not such a kid anymore.
I hope she's happy. I hope she's with people who love her. And i hope she's still writing her great poetry!

Anyway - wouldn't it be a good thing to keep this thread going?

So - why did you start writing? And why write now, in today's media driven world? Just wondering.....
Reply Wed 3 Sep, 2008 04:13 pm
Perhaps if we expand the premise to include, "Why do you keep on writing?" The thread may garner more responses.
Reply Wed 3 Sep, 2008 04:19 pm
I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was old enough to write a complete sentence. By 5th grade I was publishing a neighborhood newsletter and by Junior High was reporter and/or editor of the school newspaper that continued through highschool and into college where I also got my first paying small town newspaper job. I have been writing in one form or another ever since, either as a vocation or avocation.

What inspired me? No clue. I can't remember a time when I didn't have to do it.
Reply Wed 3 Sep, 2008 10:28 pm
Hey Endy,

Thank You for everything.
(am fine, doing great and pretty safe.)
still writing from time to time. but haven't really had much time to post or read here anymore (Though i miss it greatly). will be around pretty soon (Ihope)
hope you are well too....

Bella Dea
Reply Thu 4 Sep, 2008 07:08 am

That's what inspires me.

Reply Mon 8 Sep, 2008 12:31 am
hey lostnsearching!
It's great to hear from you - and you don't have to thank me for anything - on the contrary I thank you -
Hey - I'm glad you have something better to do than hang around here - seriously. (Or do you miss those crazy word games) : )

Hope you're having some fun as well as taking care of yourself.
Just let me know you're okay from time to time (don't mean to sound like an old man or something) : )

I'll keep an eye out for you (maybe a poem?)
Take care, friend
Kind regards
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Reply Mon 8 Sep, 2008 12:33 am
yeah edgar - i ask myself that question all the time
why the hell DO i keep writing?? or trying to...
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Reply Mon 8 Sep, 2008 12:34 am
thanks foxfyre
sounds like you were born to it : )
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Reply Mon 8 Sep, 2008 12:36 am
@Bella Dea,
well said, Bella Dea

: )

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Reply Tue 26 May, 2009 09:02 am
I saw something, say a tree in the street, and I wondered what had happened to it. A day later I wrote down its possible story (Only three A5 pages).
Things escalated, and now I hope to publish a novel.
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Reply Sun 27 Sep, 2009 04:18 pm
Inspired? It has been a desire since I can remember, but the spark that ignited the actually first step in writing was "fantastic dreams" and daydreams.

What makes me continue? Obsession and passion for the written word.

that's the short version. you really don't want the long one... :-)
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A Curious Lime
Reply Mon 12 Apr, 2010 08:13 am
call of duty.
Reply Fri 30 Jul, 2010 07:43 pm
@A Curious Lime,
I write on the principle that "it's better than bottling it up."

Words are such elusive little critters. It's interesting to see how closely you can corrall them to expressing what is going on inside.
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Reply Sat 31 Jul, 2010 06:05 pm
Every **** that happens in my life, good or bad, are always newsworthy, so I write. Every little thing matters to me.
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Reply Thu 11 Apr, 2013 03:45 am
life itself is an inspiration, everyday its a struggle
overcome an obstacle, it takes a rock for you to stumble
a nightmare like plummeting balance sheets
a demon throwin people off balconies
dead now, humble in my presence i bet now he sees
those that turned on me, burns to the third degree
haven't seen the marks, step into my hearse and see
since my bodies gone, my soul wonders nervously
its a living hell, but its where i'm suppose to be
blocking out my friends and those close to me
they knocked me down, but i can take the hard hits
click click boom, take this bullet to the heart sis
all it takes is one word to spark the darkness
bending peoples spines, turn them into arches
hiding up high in my fortress
a bunch of dark forces, forcing divorces
men with no heads riding horses
kidnapping people from there porches
throw them into darkness surrounding torches
we could go out killing but we just force kids
you cant see the evil in someones eyes unless you look closely
mostly, the evil is with the people that are lonely
these are my thoughts, that beat me lifeless
well there like this, its just my example of what life is

Reply Fri 19 Apr, 2013 07:45 am
Nice verse dfc, everything inspires me to write, daily stuff, death etc. check me out:

Rappers today have time to rap bout bitches and hoes
Have time to put on shows and talk about Money and clothes
But got no time to talk about poverty and those who need doe
whos mother and father crack fiends, died over dose
Publics interested in adversaries
And have time to look up stick up kids committing burglaries
Interested in hip hop conflicts, bullshit and nonsense
Proceed in searching up contents of non relevant topics
Stop it, if yall saw the amount dead in the middle east, you'd vomit
Protesting for peace and you still see it increase, theres no stoppin
Honest, im talking logic, look at what happened in boston
3 dead, over 150 injured, i feel for em, thats where my heart is
This worlds corrupt and i explain that its full of darkness
It angers me when i see a celebrity dead
They get front page news exposure than the rest
Yeah its sad but how can you compare to 1 millions deaths
Solo **** they does, most souls they forget
Everyone's equal, my people everyone forgets that
Doesn't matter what you are, white brown and black
Stay focus, don't stay hopeless, confidently fight back
Like Pac said its funny how crack came and it rocked us
Now we got bunch of stupid niggas spittin about what they block does
Lets forget about the block and focus feminism
The way we treat women is specifically euphemism
Give em the rights, making it politically written
Stating it political
When it come's to women, as men were ready to do em physical
But when it come's to their rights they invincible?
Women need that respect, who brought you into this world?
Without em we wouldn't exesist whether it be boy or girl
And wheres the respect for old folks?
They be getting dis-owned, left alone in their own homes
This society is diverse, only a specific methodology
Controls the system, mind and your body, kinesiology
We need stick together, juxtaposition
End it for ever, forget opposition
The stronger the better resistance
Reply Sun 21 Apr, 2013 02:52 am
now that is some sick **** dude
Reply Sun 21 Apr, 2013 06:45 pm
Thanks man, appreciate it foreal dawg. check my other written work if u can, just have search for it but u'll see more of my written stuff on this page. peace
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