Wireless PCI Ethernet card

Reply Sun 19 Mar, 2006 11:44 am
I installed one of these into my older computer for my son, so his computer will be set up for high speed.
I did it myself because so many folks said it was "easy", but of course it didn't end up that way.
I followed the simple instructions, put in the CD first and did all the steps it said. I shut off my computer and disconnected everything from it, leaving the CD in the puter (as it tells me to do in the manual). I install the Ethernet card in the computer without any problems, but when I reconnected my puter and turned it back on, a screen was suppose to come up where I could continue installing this thing, but as usual nothing came up. Grrrrrrr!!!!!
My brother always helps me with this stuff and I know I just need to add new hardware or create a new driver or something like that, but of course I don't know how.
My brother isn't home and when my son wakes up, he isn't gonna be happy that he can't use his puter, lol.

Anyway, can someone give me a hand and lead this poor girl down the right path :-(
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Reply Sun 19 Mar, 2006 11:56 am
Hey Sweety,

Tell me about his older computer. What is it running? WIN2000, X/P, ??

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Reply Sun 19 Mar, 2006 12:05 pm
It's an HP Windows98.

The Ethernet card is a Wireless D-Link (DWL-G520)
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Reply Sun 19 Mar, 2006 06:19 pm
Was just on the phone with my brother (computer tech) and now we are both frustrated.
We are running into a file that can't be found and we can't find it either.
He says that the way these are installed makes no sense at all and he doesn't understand why they have it set up where the drivers are installed first.

I'll be calling Ethernet card company tomorrow to give them hell about.

"Quick and Easy" is what it says on the box. Ha!
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Reply Tue 21 Mar, 2006 11:20 pm

What a bitch that was! After 2 full days of trying everything, I call the D-Link company who inform me that there was a problem with their software and they directed me to their site to download some drivers and burn them onto a CD.
I did that and everything went fine until it came to the actual settings. So, I went back and forth with my server and D-Link who said the problem was with the other guy. Lets play "pass the buck" with Montana got old and I became very persistant with them. I would not let them get off the phone until they told me something that made sense.
A few even hung up on me, lol.

Anyhow, my server and D-Link finally got their **** together today and showed me the way.
It's about time!

What kills me is that it wasn't complicated at all and I went through all this simply because of bad software and a whole bunch of folks who didn't have a clue as to what they were talking about, yet felt compelled to tell me a bunch of bullshit instead of maybe......I don't know.... get someone that knew what they were talking about! <sigh>

4 days of my life and 3 hours of long distance calls to my brother on something that should have taken me no more than a half hour.

Well, I'm very happy it's over and my son will be thrilled when he gets home from work, since it's his computer now :-D Lucky for him I don't charge by the hour, heehee ;-)
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Reply Wed 22 Mar, 2006 12:50 am
Sorry I missed this, Montana - glad you finally got it sorted out.

Just for future reference, its generally worthwhile to visit the hardware vendor's website and obtain the latest drivers/software for your hardware/Operating System configuration; no telling how long the product - card, peripheral, whatever, sat in the distribution chain before it got to your 'puter.

That said, its becoming not uncommon to encounter hardware that gives Win9X operating systems - particularly Win98SE and earlier - absolute fits when you try to install it; often additional files not native to the older operating system must be downloaded, or files specific to WinNT/XP-family operating systems must be modified or removed before you can get a current-market item to install and/or work under an older operating system.

Short version; its getting less practical every day to rely on what amounts to an obsolete operating system if you wish to use current software and hardware.
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Reply Wed 22 Mar, 2006 01:07 am
I couldn't agree more, Timber <sigh>

As far as the software goes, they told me the problem was with the software and not my puter.

I know windows 98 is a pain in the ass these days, but my son is stuck with it until he can get himself to save for a new system all nice and special just like mine ;-)

Good thing I did a full recovery on the puter before I did this because I am not going through that again!

The kid is flying solo from here on Laughing
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Reply Wed 22 Mar, 2006 02:36 am
My son will be home from work shortly and I can't wait to see his happy face when he walks in the door to see his puter all ready to go :-D
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Reply Fri 24 Mar, 2006 01:11 am
What was the fix Montana ?
I'm interested because I may have to put a wireless '98 machine on a network soon.
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