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Reply Sat 23 Feb, 2019 09:36 pm
wearing: Ribby navy and white stretchy dress with asymetrical hem; dark denim jeans with bellbottomish cuff; blankey.
hearing: Janet McTeer, Brendan Gleeson.
eating: mentioning my extraordinary three tacos: Cabo Cod, Patagonia Steak, And Chili Willy Shrimp. Delicious.
drinking: fourth enormous lemon water today
doing: avoiding sleep
looking forward to: uh oh. Nothing. (Spring Break is so far away...)
feeling: little disappointed
wanting: to be more tech confident
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Reply Tue 12 Mar, 2019 05:39 pm

wearing: simple Old Navy heather shift, geometric so soft capris, two turquoise anklets.
hearing: dialogue from ‘Thought Camp: Kent’ episode of profane British political comedy.
eating: just finished a weird salad I cobbled together
drinking: dandelion tea and water (can’t seem to stay hydrated
doing: relaxing after 12 hr day
looking forward to: sun
feeling: optimistic
wanting: my daughter
Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2019 11:49 am

wearing: Indeterminable pattern (black/white dress shirt), tan khakis, and red suede sneakers.
hearing: Stephen Colbert crucifying Trump about his healthcare agenda on Youtube.
eating: Nothing right now.
drinking: Water.
doing: Waiting for 4PM until my work day is done.
looking forward to: Seeing Captain Marvel this Friday with a bestie.
feeling: Fair. Just fair.
wanting: Trump impeachment and removal from office.
Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2019 08:08 pm
wearing: Pajamas
hearing: Heater kicking on
eating: Nothing
drinking: cold coffee
doing: Mailing ebay sales
looking forward to: it being warm enough and without thunder storms so I can go swimming
feeling: confused
wanting: To be able to process my feelings
Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2019 09:19 pm
wearing: warm barn clothes
hearing: two foxes doing their baby cries to ach other on the woods margin
eating: a slice of mrs F's punkin custard pie(excellent)
drinking: FRUIT 2 O (Orangeflavor with a half a lemon squoze in there, really good)
doing: finishing a prospect report
looking forward to: it being warm enough to begin serious gardening
feeling: like it should be the weekend so I can get a few miles on the bike
wanting: see above
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Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2019 09:32 pm
wearing: relax fit jeans, shirt with a flap and button on the pocket
hearing: TV sports report
eating: recipe made of lemon, garlic, barley sprouts, honey, walnuts
drinking: coffee
doing: checking a few sites and going back to writing book
looking forward to: a hot bath
feeling: meh
wanting: the sun to give us an occasional drying out
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Reply Tue 2 Apr, 2019 02:59 pm
wearing: grey skirt with black waistband and dramatic split to the thigh when the wind blows, scoop-necked black 3/4 sleeved T, boring teacher black flats.
hearing: “Let’s Get it On” Marvin Gaye; chicks flirting with Zack the Waiter.
eating: fancy schmancy steak taco
drinking: modelo especial
doing: relishing easy downtime week pre-Spring Break
looking forward to: Spring BREAK!!!!
feeling: so warm in sunshine
wanting: nothing now
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Reply Fri 12 Apr, 2019 03:03 pm
wearing: thin black scoop-necked tunic with asymmetrical hem; maxi-length grey skirt with thigh-high slits; completely boring flesh patten flats; way too much turquoise.
hearing: Two gay guys who seem to have met through a suicide hot line, bonding during first date.
eating: Lettuce wraps with a lovely Asian-inspired chicken melange.
drinking: Blue Moon
doing: celebrating my first moments of Spring Break
looking forward to: Now now now
feeling: happy, accomplished, liking the skin I’m in
wanting: my daughter
Reply Mon 15 Apr, 2019 03:03 pm
wearing: Pink sweatshirt, black pants, purple shoes
hearing: My son whistling while he plays video games
eating: Pita Chips
drinking: Coffee
doing: Writing Treatment Plans
looking forward to: Not writing Treatment Plans
feeling: Frustrated
wanting: A lighter work load (who isn't)
Reply Tue 16 Apr, 2019 10:03 am
ChloeFleuriste wrote:

feeling: Frustrated
wanting: A lighter work load (who isn't)

Sorry to hear that. Anyways? Welcome to a2k. New cases of ennui are always welcome. Surprised Wink

wearing: Indistinguishable color and pattern dress shirt; old pair of dress slacks (destined to be thrown away tonight... too thread worn), and brown faux suede shoes.
hearing: Gah! Katy Perry's Firework on the office radio. Now... Wham's Wake Me Up Before You Go (that's what I call music!)
eating: In a minute or so? My usual PB+J lunch.
drinking: Mug of Scottish breakfast tea. Good but doesn't distinguish itself between it and English breakfast tea. Missing a maltiness component (or so I believe)
doing: Was working. Now on my lunch break.
looking forward to: Thursday's Rifftrax movie, Octaman!
feeling: All things considered? Comme ci, comme ca.
wanting: A condo or apartment in my own name.
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Reply Tue 16 Apr, 2019 10:14 am
wearing: shorty, summer dress-navy. Barefoot.
hearing: news. Notre Dame.
eating: finished blueberry muffin
drinking: black coffee
doing: luxuriating in Spring Break. I don’t ‘have’ to do anything. 👩‍🏫😃🦋
looking forward to: now! (...) Ok, NOW! Heh. I love not having deadlines and worries rushing through my head.
feeling: Relaxed, compelled to do a bit of research re Notre Dame, sad for French. Vive la 🇫🇷 France.
wanting: to get back in a healthy routine... going to have to put some motion behind that wanting.
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Reply Sun 5 May, 2019 12:24 pm
Wearing: ridiculous over the knee, skin-tight Heather capris, some black-grey tiny paisley designed, barely-there summery sleeveless top, nut-brown slip-ons that really should be retired. Actually, cheap-o me needs to retire half of everything and start over. Summer goals.
hearing: Anthony Bourdain in Baja. Making me want tiny flowers 🌸 in my salad. He called the chef to the table. This doesn’t happen often.
eating: (looks outside at garden)
drinking: ice water
doing: applying for summer teaching gig; reflecting on cool, improved resume; nodding, smiling, collaborating with teacher chickies re next moves
looking forward to: hearing from application
feeling: Accomplished, more so than before
wanting: Anthony Bourdain’s salad
Reply Wed 29 May, 2019 04:16 pm
Wearing: cute black and thin white-striped summer skirt with thigh slit, thin black off-shoulder bias-cut tunic, very happy newly tanned feet’s with chipped red toenails, bright blue reading glasses, a wry smile.
hearing: an oddly appealing, mulleted coal miner on episode 3 of HBO Chernobyl, cutting through some Soviet shite.
eating: a honey bun!
drinking: Modelo Especial
doing: relaxing
looking forward to: June 5!!!!
feeling: Happy, relieved, in the zone
wanting: More self-discipline
Reply Thu 30 May, 2019 06:23 am

Wearing: Black dress pants, grey dress shirt, red sneakers and black dress socks.
eating: Just finished a bowl of Kashi Island Vanilla shredded wheat.
drinking: Finished a Vanilla coffee.
doing: Watching yesterday night's Daily Show.
looking forward to: I guess Godzilla: King of the Monsters ... immediately after work.
wanting: Google to send my replacement phone FASTER. I hate not having a phone on me.
Reply Sun 2 Jun, 2019 12:11 am
Wearing: Black, black and black.
eating: Just finished a couple of eggs fried in kerry gold butter, which a bit of cheese melted on the top
drinking: Ozarka spring water
doing: nothing much. thinking about going to bed.
looking forward to: Calling the IRS on Monday about 2 letters that arrived on the same day. One telling me my refund should be about $600 rather than the about $400 I expected, the other telling me I owe about $125.
wanting: Good question, not sure.
Reply Mon 3 Jun, 2019 06:57 am
Wearing: Blue and grey plaid shirt, black dress pants and socks, red sneakers.
eating: Just finished a bowl of Kashi Island Vanilla shredded wheat.
drinking: Mug of chai tea.
doing: Also doing nothing much and thinking about going to bed. But can't as I am at work until at least 4PM.
looking forward to: Rifftrax Live: Star Raiders on Thursday.
wanting: A condo to live in.
Reply Fri 14 Jun, 2019 07:01 am
Wearing:Windsurfing Camp soft cotton T, ridiculous bright orange spandex leggings
Hearing: Steve Scalise, defending Trump on CBS...looking for remote
eating: skipping brekkie
drinking: black Gevalia Colombian
doing: happily planning my day (happily, key word)
looking forward to: Today-swimming, hiking!! Taking son to Father's Day dinner.
wanting: To see my daughter
Reply Fri 14 Jun, 2019 12:07 pm

Wearing:Blue jeans, buttoned stripe shirt of varying purple(ish), grey, and black lines.
Hearing: Michael Jackson's Beat It on the office radio.
eating: Nothing.
drinking: Ran out of water. Will refill mug soon.
doing: Waiting around to 3PM when I get off work. Then to Trader Joe's.
looking forward to: Going to Rockaway Beach to meet some friends tomorrow (Saturday).

wanting: Financial security and... maybe a condo for me and my stuff.
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Reply Fri 21 Jun, 2019 11:03 am
wearing: fabulous white 'parachute' skirt that flutters in the balmy summer breeze, black boatneck short-sleeved top, feets
hearing: politician, pandering
eating: JC, I just finished a breakfast so big, I don't think I'll eat again today.
drinking: water
doing: really burning off time. promise to lesson plan my first week in an hour
looking forward to: swimming later today
feeling: confident
wanting: to devise a better set up for the apt, a skirt like this one is every color
Reply Wed 28 Aug, 2019 09:15 am

wearing: New(ish to me) grey dress pants and a light blue dress shirt, chocolate brown 'dress' shoes.
hearing: CCR on the file room radio
eating: Nothing now.
drinking: Just finished a mug of Moroccan mint tea with milk.
doing: ((Allegedly)) working. August is a slow time of year here.
looking forward to: Last official beach outing this summer season on Saturday.
feeling: Neither anxious or peachy keen. Somewhere in between.
wanting: A two bedroom condo. I still would like to rent out a room (even if I came across a lotto winning).
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