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Reply Thu 9 Aug, 2018 06:25 pm
But Daniel Craig is the emperor of the Bond universe. Surprised
Reply Thu 9 Aug, 2018 06:35 pm

Daniel Craig is lovely but I prefer my men unwaxed.

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Reply Fri 10 Aug, 2018 03:10 pm
and maybe a good alternative to Sean Connery


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Reply Sun 12 Aug, 2018 02:16 pm
Sean Connery of course. There is no other Bond.

He is the epitome of Bondness.

Roger Moore never did it for me, I still see him as Simon Templar, The Saint.

Maybe it's time for a female Bond....Jamella Bond, long lost granddaughter of James Bond.
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Reply Thu 6 Sep, 2018 08:25 am
wearing: charcoal grey dress pants, light blue buttoned up shirt, milk chocolate brown sneakers.
hearing: Desk fan on low.
eating: Nothing.
drinking: Just water. Soon, cup of vanilla decaf coffee.
doing: Just putzing around online. So so so busy at work.... Surprised
looking forward to: Palisades, NJ hike involving rock scrambling this Saturday.
feeling: Mildly sleepy at my work desk but still will drink next cup of coffee ... decaf.
wanting: (keeping this)
Air conditioned apartment to myself ... and only one flatmate. Or an office job that will allow me to afford an apartment on my own. Still would prefer to have a flatmate to share the apartment (even if money wasn't an issue).
Reply Thu 6 Sep, 2018 02:51 pm
wearing: maxi grey wrap skirt; cute little navy top with 3/4 flouncy sleeves, ugly flats ‘cause teacher.
hearing: modulated conversations and Spandau Ballet.
eating: er mah gerd...waiting for Hokkein Me (awesomest fat noodles with shrimp, vegs in brown sauce!!)
drinking: water and blue moon.
doing: unwinding from insanity at crazy town educational asylum
looking forward to: Bra off!
feeling: accomplished, befriended, happy
wanting: bra and underwear OFF
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Reply Sun 9 Sep, 2018 10:46 am
wearing:pink faux crocs, red/white floral pj capris, red/white striped gap t, black polar fleece jacket
hearing: radio interview with Patrick Brazeau on Out in the Open
eating: just shared ham and eggs with Bella
drinking: water. considering my first cup of hot tea since mmmm May?
doing: avoiding laundry
looking forward to: lunch with Banana Breath this time next week - yay A2k friends!
feeling: irritated by irritated eye
wanting:yesterday's weather 365 days a year
Reply Wed 12 Sep, 2018 12:02 pm
wearing:navy yoga pants with burgundy floral waist accent, navy tee, black/white abstract floral cardigan, dim sum socks, clogs that look like baked potatoes, pink floral head band thingie
hearing: radio news about the stupid hurricane that will hurt friends
eating: sour gummy worm
drinking: just had a cup of choco mint tea
doing: avoiding laundry (still)
looking forward to: lunch with Banana Breath this time next week - yay A2k friends! (giddy up!)
feeling: irritated by irritated eye - but less so
wanting:today's weather 365 days a year
Reply Wed 12 Sep, 2018 01:50 pm

wearing: Black dress shirt, grey dress pants, chocolate brown sneakers.
hearing: Disco Inferno on the office radio.
eating: Nothing now. Earlier, a handful of sunflower seeds.
drinking: Water.
doing: Waiting for 4PM to come around and to leave work.
looking forward to: Hiking the Hudson Highlands this Saturday.
feeling: Anxious to vamoose work!
wanting: A nice studio apartment or a similar Brooklyn residence.
Reply Sun 16 Sep, 2018 04:18 pm
wearing: navy/white polka dot pants, orange mary janes, do what you love t-shirt
hearing: news on the radio
eating: Nothing now. pretty full from lunch
drinking: Water.
doing: trying to figure out what I sniffed at the Bulk Barn that is still up my nose - how do you sniff your nose?
looking forward to: allergy season to give it a break
feeling:entertained by the memory of Banana Breath testing wine gums and licorice at the Bulk Barn - he's a rebel!
Reply Mon 17 Sep, 2018 02:47 pm

wearing: Black yoga type pants, lavender V neck T shirt, hair up in claws
hearing: sizzling stuff on stove
eating: Nothing now, see above
drinking: flat diet dr pepper
doing: Making something to eat, a real "clean out the fridge" deal, and pondering my nail color selection for my upcoming Netflix binge and manicure combo, after the meal
looking forward to: Another trip to Mexico around the 25th of Sept!
feeling: At peace
wanting: To get behind the wheel.
Reply Tue 2 Oct, 2018 09:27 am

wearing: Black with thin gray stripes dress pants.
hearing: Movie review of Bad Times at the El Royale.
eating: Nothing.
drinking: Finished decaf café vanilla coffee.
doing: Waiting for lunch in 37 minutes.
looking forward to: Peekskill hike and brewery meetup this Sunday.
feeling: It's a little stuffy in my office presently.
wanting: Financial and residential security.
Reply Mon 5 Nov, 2018 02:14 pm
wearing: Charcoal black dress pants; white buttoned-up dress shirt; red sneakers.
hearing: A Vivaldi piano piece on Spotify.
eating: Nothing.
drinking: Water.
doing: Waiting for 3PM mail roundup in order to document it in Excel.
looking forward to: Attending the screening of a new documentary about Jim Jones and Jonestown.
Repeating the previous two sentiments.
feeling: It's a little stuffy in my office presently.
wanting: Financial and residential security.
Reply Tue 6 Nov, 2018 09:30 am
wearing: PJ's, consisting of maroon bottoms and gray top.
hearing: My texts blowing up.
eating: Nothing.
drinking: Coffee.
doing: Getting geared up for the day
looking forward to: Got an 11:30 appt for a gig that pays $33 a day for making a group lunch drop delivery to a business.
feeling: Hoping above works out since it's about an hour in the middle of the day.
wanting: To use above money to get husband a new (used) car, and a monthly treat for myself.
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Reply Thu 22 Nov, 2018 09:46 pm
wearing: enormous grey Nike sweatshirt hoodie, awesomest navy, stretchy pants, two blankets, and a Boston terrier.
hearing: Poldark
eating: Nothing
drinking: Nothing, but overdue for water
doing: Avoiding going to bed
looking forward to: now is nice
feeling: not so much
wanting: nothing at the moment
Reply Sun 25 Nov, 2018 08:34 pm
wearing: black shearling lined boots, lilac merle minke-lined leggings, Calgary Stamps t under an ancient giant grey turtleneck sweatshirt with elk and other wildlife printed on it, a mountain of hair
hearing: Amanda being awesome on Marvin's Room
eating: Nothing. want something yummy
drinking: drinking decaf Earl Grey. want more
doing: chair-dancing, relaxing
looking forward to: seeing baby J this week. snuggling with Aggie
feeling: good muscles coming down from two excellent swims
wanting: staff to take care of everything

ohhh Amanda's playing Curtis Mayfield now

gotta get up and daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance

Reply Thu 29 Nov, 2018 01:16 pm
wearing: Black, grey, purple spectrum buttoned dress shirt, greyish-tan khaki pants, red dress sneakers and grey dress socks.
hearing: New Edition on the office radio.
eating: Finished two/thirds junkie cheeseburger leftover from yesterday.
drinking: Water. Just finished mug of Pumpkin Spice Rooibos tea.
doing: Twiddling me thumbs, awaiting for some work to roll in.
looking forward to: Tonight, a highly anticipated screening of Mirai (2018 Film), a Japanese anime.
feeling: Full of ennui and general anxiety.
wanting: Financial security. Rent is due the first and my bank account will be hovering on the critically low side until next week's payday.
Reply Thu 29 Nov, 2018 01:41 pm
wearing: My standard uniform. Gray yoga crops, 3/4 length v neck tee. Today in olive green.
hearing: Husband chatting with cat.
eating: Soup bar cream of mushroom soup, which I added leftover pork loin, sweet potato and cheddar cheese. Kraut on the side.
drinking: fizzy water.
doing: Eating and waiting to leave for my 2:30 rolfing
looking forward to: Said rolfing. Much more flexibility in neck and shoulders rotating better.
feeling: Very calm in general, some trepidation about this months checking balance, as last month made a big purchase, and put down payment on card.
wanting: solitude
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Reply Thu 29 Nov, 2018 05:13 pm
wearing: fabulously layered grey hose with faint design, knee-length black leather boots, dark grey faint-patterned midi dress, pale grey Maude-type sleeveless jacket with crazy-sexy jagged knee-length denouement, sparkly Smokey-grey jeweled necklace. In short, I killed it today.
hearing: muted convo, porcelain clinking.
eating: I don’t have the nerve to say.
drinking: Very tall Blue Moon and water
doing: Avoiding leaving restaurant
looking forward to: bra: OFF!
feeling: self-actualized
wanting: a few more days like today. 💪🏻🦋🎉😎
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Reply Fri 30 Nov, 2018 08:47 pm

call me Starfleet Nana


ok not really
but I may have a top verra verra similar to that dress and I for damn sure have the right kind of pin
I may do it after 3rd advent
and see who figures it out

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