Mundane participation for the tragically bored.

Reply Sat 10 Nov, 2012 12:05 am
I look terrible in tails...

(and vacuuming aggravates my carpal tunnel)
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Reply Sat 10 Nov, 2012 07:33 am

wearing: Pjs
hearing: Nothing. Very quiet here
eating: Mortadella on whole wheat with mustard.
drinking: Nothing now. Coffee earlier
feeling: Fine I guess
doing: Candles, again
looking forward to: Summer, again
wanting: Among other big things, a small thing..to stop myself from saying gonna or is that gunna, instead of going to.
Reply Sat 10 Nov, 2012 08:04 am
wearing: Pjs, yup
hearing: Weekend Edition
eating: nuttin'
drinking: chai (not chai2)
feeling: got a cold, but feeling better this am.
doing: cleaning off my desk. I can see the surface in spots, now.
looking forward to: A beautiful day. It's supposed to hit 70F.
wanting: Life is good. I can't think of one thing I want right now.
Reply Sat 10 Nov, 2012 01:06 pm
wearing: jeggings, uggs, white t, and my work shirt that I painted vines and flowers all over. me likey.
hearing: Tennessee vs Missouri
eating: nada
drinking: nada
feeling: fine
doing: cleaning, playing, ruminating (love that word)
looking forward to: All day every minute
wanting: I am a broken cup - can't keep me full...always want something - but I consider myself very blessed
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Reply Mon 12 Nov, 2012 09:43 pm
wearing: Cargo shorts, even though my wife frowns upon them in the winter, and a rugby shirt.
hearing: A Rat Terrier vs a Belgian Shepard, it sounds vicious but they are just playing....but the rough language and name calling....goodness, I'm all aflush.
eating: Was eating truck stop chicken {strips} I think they put herion in them....I just can't get enough, just can't get enough....they are cajun flavored though, and that's about the same as herion on the addiction scale I do believe. For dessert, cherry Jolly Ranchers.
drinking: Iced tea, it's store bought though, which is almost a sacrilege, so please don't report me to the Board of Southern Gentlemen.....I'd hate to lose my membership.
feeling: A bit chilled as Jack Frost is nipping at my bare toes, but it feels so good too.
doing: Was probably boring a young lass, as I was typing about an odd thing, so as usual I cut it way short.
looking forward to: Turkey Day of course, but also a set of flags that I ordered this afternoon.
wanting: That's a secret, so I'll give the standard answer, peace on Earth.
Reply Tue 13 Nov, 2012 04:34 pm
wearing: skinny jeans, black tunic shirt, black boots with jeans tucked in. Hair is in a pony tail. I have new earrings Smile My mom bought me double so I have duplicates in both my first set of piercings and my second set.
hearing: blaring of the radio in the backyard whilst the boys play hybrid trampofootball
eating: nope
drinking: nope
feeling: Worried that Two Pack might lose his membership to the Board of Southern Gentlemen. Store bought tea is truly scandalous. Though his Good Ol' Boy card is probably got another hole punch in it from buying food from a truck stop. Wink
doing: playing
looking forward to: Bed - I think I might be getting a cold - my neck hurts under my ears funny...something'd not right there.
wanting: Peace on Earth's good. But today I would settle for Beth's butler and possibly a chef. I wonder if Butler's rub feet?
Reply Tue 13 Nov, 2012 04:51 pm
I never do these anymore (and am currently the opposite of tragically bored, more like tragically manic), but hey 2Packs! So....

wearing: Black velvet jeans, charcoal gray long-sleeved t, slightly lighter charcoal gray cozy sweater.
hearing: ----
eating: Nothing, need to go to the store. Still not used to it getting dark so early, thought it was later than 5:49, not that bad.
drinking: Water, sort of.
feeling: Relieved I got some more stuff done.
doing: Wrapping up on the computer.
looking forward to: More from 2Packs!
wanting: This week to go smoothly (too much crammed in a small period of time and last week was lost to election stuff and then sick kid so I'm kinda running in overdrive BUT progress is being made, so.)
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Reply Tue 13 Nov, 2012 05:00 pm
wearing: purple on purple jeans, claret tunic with beading, charcoal fleecy clogs, hairband with nice flat feathers in indigo blue. just took off a wonderful grey sweater and claret sweater coat
hearing: the news before the news on the radio
eating: nope but I'm ravenous
drinking: nope
smelling: the dogs' really yummy soup, and the Mennonite summer sausage that's hanging in the kitchen
feeling: Worried that Two Pack might lose his membership to the Board of Southern Gentlemen !!!
doing: waiting for the dogs' soup/broth to be ready to serve to them
looking forward to: makeup for bellydancers class on Saturday - that has to be fun - right?
wanting: a back rub and a butler - yes, both!
Reply Wed 14 Nov, 2012 09:43 am
wearing: balck knit v-neck top w/embroidered flowers arounde the neck (used to be pretty, now just old), brown khakis.
hearing: the the sound of paint rollers from the living room. Two ladies here painting. going from depressing sage green to bright tannish white. (I'll post pics when it's done.)
eating: nope
drinking: nope
smelling: duh, paint.
feeling: Thrilled to see 2Packs and Sozobe posting here.
doing: hiding out in the computer room to stay out of the ladies' way.
looking forward to: having this room done. Still have furniture buys and drapes to hang but it's getting there.
wanting: a back rub and a butler - I'm in!
Reply Sat 17 Nov, 2012 03:23 pm
wearing: skinny jeans tucked in my dark brown suede sketchers boots, fur lining turned down, white T, red fleece jacket. I have my hair in this knot on top of my head. I keep hitting it on the door of the car when I get in. Crazy. It makes me laugh every time.
hearing: th4 fellers playing WipeOut on Kinect. Really quite entertaining.
eating: nope
drinking: nope
smelling: nothing....I am sure I smell my house...but I am used to it and cannot differentiate anything of consequence.
feeling: Chilly - the fellers have the fan on full blast.
doing: nothing really
looking forward whatever the next thing is
wanting: I am tired. I am not sure what I want other than to veg
Reply Sat 17 Nov, 2012 04:08 pm
wearing: grey BCBG sweats with sparkly tuxedo striping on the sides, charcoal Skecher clogs with fuzzy lining, grey/green/pink/yellow striped sweater over a lace-up cami
hearing: news on the radio
eating: nope
drinking: making tea
smelling: I think one of those dogs just farted Twisted Evil
feeling: tired
doing: laundry and trying to convince the old girl dog to let me look at her paw, relaxing after a hectic morning
looking forward a lazy afternoon/evening
wanting: yup yup that
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Reply Sat 17 Nov, 2012 04:25 pm
wearing: skinny jeans tucked in my dark brown suede sketchers boots, fur lining turned down, white T, red fleece jacket. I have my hair in this knot on top of my head.

Wait a second! Mismi! That's my outfit! I planned on wearing that today. How truly embarrassing that we're wearing the same ensemble. I'm truly mortified!
hearing: The windows open and a plane passing far over head. Oh wait. Just turned on Hulu and the latest episode of Grimm.
eating: Nothing right now.
drinking: Water.
smelling: Subliminally the Winter scent from Bath and Body Works in a wall socket thingy.
feeling: A tad too toasty with a laptop on my lap and the steam heater on a blasting.
doing: Watching the latest episode of Grimm.
looking forward Whatever the next thing is.

Quite copying me Mismi! Mad Wink
Thanksgiving with a friend in an Upper East Side diner is my final answer. Very Happy
wanting: Don't know. Maybe an unknown epiphany of some kind. Surprised
Reply Sat 17 Nov, 2012 05:10 pm
wearing: oldie but goodie black danskin tights (I might like some more of those this winter, will have to see if they still are in business), long rose colored skirt with flower pattern, Rose Cafe black tee shirt (I have these in four colors - in this case the rose is red) with elderly and now oversized dark grey univ sweat shirt. Sort of like wearing a blanket. Drugstore Okabashi rubber sandals (brown). Dangly earrings to cheer myself up. (I have a cold, dagnabbit)

add: The Rose is my "office" when I am back in Venice/LA.

hearing: my ears/brain/tinnitus as usual when it's quiet around here
eating: nope
drinking: considering making a hot toddy, whatever that is
smelling: smelling not in my repertoire except for a few items, ginger, for example. No ginger present at this time.
feeling: fond of my dog, Furwoof (Katy otherwise)
doing: just finished making chicken stock; considering doing the dishes, which I've avoided today.
Might make a miso soup with browned spicy tofu, some already cooked mushrooms, and chopped scallions. Or might not. Lazy = my name.
looking forward to: finishing a book and starting another one
wanting: as usual, to get my act together

Adds, re the univ sweat shirt - I'm not the rah rah type. It's just that I went there to school twice, I worked there for a long time, twice, and the med center folks figured out what was going on with my eyes. But the best thing was when I first went there to school, I was amazed by a whole new world of people and stuff to learn.
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Reply Sat 17 Nov, 2012 05:33 pm
Quite copying me Mismi!

awww why!? We could be twins!

Don't you think it's sad Twinkies are bankrupt? Even if you don't eat them - the phrase "twinkies" (twins) will no longer mean anything to coming generations except baby talk kind of babble for twins...perhaps. Possibly.

No twinkies. wow.
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Reply Sun 18 Nov, 2012 09:37 am
wearing: random claret-coloured fleecy pants, giant white v-neck t, reversible vest in orange fleece and loden polar fleece, black shearling-lined clogs
hearing:Jill Barber singing ... <swoon> I have a girl crush on her
eating: just finished half of a ham/brie/cranberry grilled panini
drinking: making tea
smelling: the grilled brie from that panini
feeling: tempted to try and replicate the results of yesterday's "make-up for belly dancers" class
doing: laundry and thinking
looking forward getting the laundry done
wanting:to be a good napper
Reply Sun 18 Nov, 2012 01:19 pm
wearing: Weird blue t-shirt, black pants, black shoes, Pirates baseball cap
hearing: Zen Koans Gonna Rise Again (Van Ronk)
eating: Ate lima beans earlier.
drinking: Red zinger tea
smelling: whatever is in the air
feeling: Blah, but better than last night.
doing: Tapping keys on the computer keyboard.
looking: For a needle in a haystack
wanting: Reasonable costs, reasonable people, a world that's less insane.
Reply Sun 18 Nov, 2012 01:39 pm
wearing: blue jeans and the same sweatshirt, same brown rubber shoes, different earrings
hearing: barking dog (neighbor's)
eating: just finished a nice and hot sardine potato fishcake with spicy mayo on the side
drinking: coffee
feeling: glad to be warm enough
doing: tapping keys on the computer keyboard
looking up: scalloped potato recipes: a girl needs her comfort food
wanting: long list. First on it is some thick gardening gloves that will ward off goathead and similar stickers. Those even go through my leather ones, so I probably need to double up, which might mean two new pairs of gloves, which seems like a clumsy idea. We'll see.
Looking forward to: oven roasting some spareribs with black bean sauce; also, the code in my node going away so I can meet Diane for coffee one of these days.
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Reply Sun 18 Nov, 2012 05:05 pm
ehBeth wrote:

looking forward getting the laundry done

easier said than done

the dryer tumbler has stopped tumbling

this is not the best weather for hanging laundry out, but out it is
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Reply Mon 19 Nov, 2012 11:05 pm
Wearing: Usual shorts, and some kind of Lodge T-shirt, I keep forgetting to read it before I put it on.
Hearing: Family Guy
Eating: Beef stew
Drinking: Generic cola, it's not bad. I asked my daughter to fix a glass for me, she did not want to, so what I ended up getting was a glass full to the brim of crushed ice with maybe 3 oz of soda in it.
Feeling: One with the Force.
Doing: Was reading a love note {more of a "oh ****, I think we got caught" note} that I found today from 1989, that was tucked away in an old gas tax file....{city stuff}....it was a copy.
Looking: At pictures of Snake Plissken.
Wanting: Nothing really, as usual I am content as is.
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Reply Mon 19 Nov, 2012 11:10 pm
By the way, saw a video a few days ago with a lady and a vacuum cleaner, the hose had fallen out of the unit, but she was still working away, dragging only the hose around.

This made me think of a story Soz once told, and I nearly laughed the cleft off my chin.

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