Is college any better than high school?

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`It's great that you went to the military and all, but like you said you went to college when you were 30 so you weren't really in a position to have much of a social life with kids that were as much as 12 years younger than you were. College is obviously about education, but it's also about more than that. It's a place where you can form friendships with people that are going through the same thing you are (being away from home) and it's a place where you can make your own decisions and move on from being a "kid." Sure getting an education is great, but if you don't take advantage of the fact that you're living wall to wall with kids your age (especially in freshman dorms where everyone is new at first) and interact socially, then you're not truly experiencing a big part of what college is all about.
Also, where did you go to college ralpheb? I go to Oberlin (22nd ranked LAC, 3rd in undergraduate teaching among LACs ) currently, and while I'm politically conservative and not a hippie (though I do smoke weed and I drink) I've found plenty of fellow "normal" friends being around people that share common interests and goals and that is part of what makes college, at least in my opinion, so much better than high school.
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College is high school with ashtrays.
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Jerry 93
Reply Fri 4 Nov, 2011 02:57 pm
guys i am a freshman in college im going to community college its cool its and yes college is way better then high school I have fun going to college not like when i was in high school i didnt want to go but im glad im done with high school and going to college and yes i am transfering to a University so i can leave home i see whats it like liveing on my own.
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I enjoyed it a lot more not wearing a uniform etc, but we were treated as adults not spotty little kids! It was tiresome to get there but yes it was great especially after being at the same school for years!
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I found it way better in my case since I met a lot of supportive friends and managed to study online while having a full time job at College of Contract Management as an engineer. It has been fun for me so far since I have control over my time but it can be stressful to juggle up responsibilities, a job, and studies. But overall, college has been the best for me.
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Reply Mon 22 Aug, 2022 10:50 am
What are some "teen" forums ?
A teeanger ( term ) is a young adult ( 12 ). Not looking at death rates without medical advancements the complete adult is around 21 ( when the body stops growing but even that fact is omitted ). Your life does not begin with college it begins when you are born. Some people have training from the age of five or even ten years old. A great example is weight lifting which requires avoiding sugars and building your bones among other health aspects. Take playing the violin, or practicing dance, or even playing chess. Those require years of repetition.

When you go to college their will be tons of people who will have experience thanks to their parents backing them ( meaning the parent went down the same path ) to others who carved their own path. Beyond that many students will purchase the primary books before hand ( research the class look up the book required ) and be way ahead of other students.

Opposite sex Being a guy.

Girls ( we are going to say women from this point ) are no different. Only difference is that you will find that dating your grade-school teacher, the guard/officer, the nurse, the coach is perfectly acceptable but of course most of these people are on duty being full-time employees. Many are easier because they probably missed out on puberty and this is their chance. Be aware their are tons of LGBT, supremacists/racist, alienated, shy, and feminist. Feminist are not bad but you have some that disregard they have boyfriends and will allow you to target them. That being said their are those ( who might attempt to sleep with the professor, or even guys for money ( but will not say it out loud or mention it ), even people who will pay girls to be fake friends ( but that is a random occurrence ). That being said many people in college. You come in class with a nice haircut, a hard body, do not mind taking chances you will be a winner. There are tons of girls to talk with everywhere but remember you need to be on your game. That being back in high school people was sleeping with people old enough to be in college, but in college the same had boyfriends who are elderly, but dressed up decently. Girls are no different but their are more options outside the person you go to class with.

Opposite sex being a girl

If your a girl chances are you will be talked to by a bunch of guys no matter what age. I have seen this up close non-stop. It is hilarious. So many guys will ask you out and possible chances are will be the ones you run into by accident.
Even literally walk into by accident ( like in movies ).
Tons of people will make job opportunities available to you just because your a girl. Being a guy trying to get the same job I get yelled, trash talked, or even threatened. However some of these employers are sickos and wants something to look at in the workplace and possibly date.

Studies. You go into college the purpose is not companionship but to make yourself more valuable so your pay-grade will rise. Nowadays they want you to have bachelors but you want to get your Masters at least no matter what for most majors if you can. Being accredited school does not matter, but the school name you get your masters from and that being said try to get into a big name school, and try to get into a college that offers a Masters and study. Study study, study,

If you #$#@@$ up I highly suggest dropping the class otherwise your GPA will fall. You can rebuild your GPA but it is annoying because you will have to take up Writing Intensive ( WI ) or language, or Math, or any class that is obvious difficult and matters even in the intro class. I had to use FASAide. I was locked into my classes, and it was terrible experience.

That being said if you use FASA ( which you can not use and I suggest not using unless your independent and have next to no income sources ), chances are they might take half of it away ( extra money for books and transportation and shelter ) because your not registered for classes for the next term.) It is really stupid and happen to me three times. Where I caught it by paying that specific amount owed before I had to register for the next term. Really stupid but it happen to me three times. I am in the beginning of my college life and they claim I owe money but I pay it and it comes back to me next term. Dumb.
It is like they give me a tiny $1200, and then ask back for $600 for a stupid reason. Over and over. Only to give me back the money the next term. I sat out of college thanks to this stupidity.

About relationship with professors etc. It is like a relationship between a supervisor. Just brown-nose them ( be polite ), introduce yourself, dress decent, ask questions retaining to career choices and paths along with income.
Ask questions on various subjects. Ask, ask, ask because that is what these people are paid for. You do not understand just keep asking, keep drilling them for questions. Professors are living lexicons ( walking books and databases ) of information. However do not be a class-clown, and do not make yourself noticeable too much. Ask questions.

About getting ahead of the crowd and pack. Well asides from actually attempting to work in your major of choice ( whatever related work that is ).
You have AP examinations wherever they are to take. You have various WOLFF ( forget term ) examinations as well. You have many educational systems in the United States that operates their own testing and examinations that could be counted.

If your score high enough on regents in grade-school ( 9-12 ) you might not have to take certain classes via permission from department leaders approval.
That being said various departments requires approval.

Do not mess up. You will be put on probation and the next step is being expelled. The same loser who claimed to help you and talk nicely to you, is going to go in another room and with a few clicks put you into probation forcing you into a flight or die situation. Meaning your average drops too low your messed up and will have to move to another college or start again.

That being said all the college wants from you is money and nothing more. Financial aide is one funding source they get from you. Then again you might take a job score big with overtime and watch it get burnt in the college system.
They just care about the grade requirements.

Funding sources that are not FASA. FASA is for poor people, meaning somebody poor enough to be considered homeless.

Loans - which I highly recommend because but some banks will monitor your GPA.

Student Loans - but you have to take them out in advance even if you feel you might not need them. Lets say you drop a class and your scholarship requires you to take X amount of classes.

Scholarships - their are tons and tons of scholarships across the world you could apply to. Some random girl earn herself over $2,000,000 of scholarship money. But their are many requirements. It is not a one stop deal. It is not a loan, and it is not FASA, ( Pell, cap, etc ). It is real money that is from various heavenly and not so heaven providers.

You also just have funding sources like begging your parents or extended family, or even offering services via communities.


I have tons and tons of information but it depends on the questions you ask.
Here is some other tid-bits.

A. Make sure your classes will pass to higher end colleges. Meaning some credits will not roll over. You could find this out via the college websites.

B. Make sure you take advantage of the gym, to play basketball, running.

C. You can continue being on campus even after you leave as long as you have proper identification. So I suggest making a copy when you can because you might lose your ID at random and it rubs out over time. Some people might attempt to steal your ID.

D. Make sure you take advantage of the games.

E. Make checkout clubs in your majors or even chess club or just to sit on the team so your college could have a team.

F. Try checking out college events, parties, etc they could be fun.

H. Checkout campus activities as well. Like races, or campus clean ups.

I. Most importantly keep your $#$@$$ grades up, and study, study, study.
I am going to say this it is hard to sit in one position and have an alcoholic beverage while studying makes things go by really fast. Appose to having a spouse ( opposite sex ).

J. About LGBT. Their are tons on campus do not discriminate or point out anything at all. Just enjoy their company as with anybody else and respect them. Beyond LGBT they are the norm and actually getting things done.

K. About people of other races, religions, languages, etc. Same as above but you could be more honest. Take Arabic language. I never knew it was written from right to left. That is an eye opener. Or even Korean, Fukana, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Japanese.I never knew those was pictograms like the Egyptian writings. Before college I never knew the difference between Hebrew, Yittish,
or even the sad annihilation of the Native Americans. As with religious practices or the idea of the most holiest to just plain liberal worshiping.

L. Get out as fast as possible ? Why? because rules changes, requirements changes, tons of changes. Some good and some stupid. Or you could take a ___ job and go at whatever pace you want to go in while your in college.
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