+=- and -=+ philosophy cancels everything out so how is science initiated?

Sun 16 Jun, 2024 01:59 am
How can science start from nothing?


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Sun 16 Jun, 2024 02:13 am
Big bangs and Big crunches shouldn’t happen if +=- and -=+ philosophy is correct.

And yet they do happen.
Sun 16 Jun, 2024 07:18 am
Thats because scientifically, with electromagnetic force interactions +/- also -/+ interactions don’t cancel out between 2 objects, rather they provide an attractive reaction and -/- and +/+ interactions don’t cancel out between 2 objects either, they provide a repulsive reaction.Big Bangs and Big Crunches are related to electromagnetic force interactions between spinning objects.

With the magnetism theory the science at the macro level is identical to the science at the micro level and attractive and repulsive force reactions are vibratory balanced out.

The science works don’t worry about that.

For many, this isn’t about sound science though is it.

They prefer to believe in unsound science for religious reasons.

I don’t do religion myself.

Of what use is a belief or unbelief in God to anyone?

Sun 16 Jun, 2024 02:00 pm
+=- and -=+ philosophy claims that there was nothing prior to a Big Bang.


There was multiple spinning holes with N and S poles within the electromagnetic fields which saturate the cosmos and which cause that spin.

Mon 17 Jun, 2024 12:29 am
+=- and -=+ philosophy and the science that is founded upon this philosophy doesn't work and here's why.

If your philosophy cancels everything out to nothing then you don't have anything to start you science off and you have to resort to magic. What else can you resort to? (hence the term fairytale science).

If you do start your science off from what you thought was nothing then your philosophy fails because whatever it is that initiates your science clearly hasn't been cancelled out as you previously thought.

So with +=- and -=+ philosophy you either have to accept that your philosophy is wrong or you have to resort to magic to start your science off.

Either way it ain't good which is why science is struggling to find the answers to the big questions.

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